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I’m Jimmy Sloan Ree and this is my story that I want to share with you.  I was born in 1961, in a beautiful spring in Sherwood. For my own, I usually enjoy test appliances and discovering things and technology of electric facilities. Also, I like driving and going for new lands, learning new technology and create new useful machines from the old ones. Therefore, I made up my mind to apply for the University of Applied Science and Technology in Arkansas to satisfy my crave for studying technology.

My profession

As soon as I graduated from the university, I was lucky enough to get a job as a Customer Advisor in Houseware Dept of a supermarket in Arkansas. My job is to advice customers to choose the best houseware to buy and how to fix and make the most from the appliances that that have bought. This was the place that I met Jack – my best friend. Jack is a very active person, he likes cheering people up and he is really good at fixing little things from old machines. But the most important thing is we both have a deep enthusiasm in electric appliances. Also, Jack helped me a lot in job, that’s why we have built a strong bond though the time working there. After working for 2 years at the Arkansas supermarket, we decided to stop the job and opened our own repairment store.

Luckily, our shop worked and things have got better and better thanks to the support of our neighbors. Most vacuums in our hometown and some other nearly towns have us repaired very carefully. At that time, we were quite famous due to our reputation in dealing with vacuum problems. In 20 years, me and my colleagues have repaired more than 10,000 vacuums of many well-known brand such as Oreck, Shark, Bissell, Hoover, Dyson,…

What leads me to this blog?

Once I talked to Joanna – one of my customers, who had the problem with the suction of her vacuum. She said that her house was too big but the suction of the vacuum could not cover all parts of it. Therefore, she had to triple her time for cleaning. When I asked her who gave you the idea to buy this, she said that she just bought it for its appearance, and so did most of her friends. So, I decided to make a survey of my customer on how they buy their vacuums. Surprisingly, 85% of the answers was based on barely knowledge about vacuums. That leads me to build this blog in order to guide customers to have a wise choice when it comes to choose the best vacuum reviews..

What can I do for you?

Vacuumreviewcenter is the place providing you the useful knowledge and information about vacuum, and it would guide you to choose the one which suits your budget as well as using purposes. Frankly, all of the post are written with I and Jack’s experience as I said above. And they are not to use to promote or advertise or any of the brand because it contains the real experiences, analysis and testing performance from m and the mot expertise persons from this field.

Basically, you can find the strengths and weaknesses of the vacuum that you are looking at. Then you are the one who decide to take it home with you or not. You can take a look at my Reviews or Buying Guide to find your best vacuum reviews to help you find the one on Amazon. In case you still need instructions or my tips, click here.

To sum things about the best vacuum reviews site:

  • I have 20 years of real life experience in repairing and testing vacuum cleaners
  • Because I have been working at my personal appliance store from Sherwood for more than 20 years, I and Jack have been fixing vacuum cleaners like no other in my town.
  • I love to review key brands and test top products with best vacuum reviews that only worth your money.
  • I enjoy recognition from various clients and industry experts.
  • Finally, I easily connect with people, I would love to connect and to share with you guys everything that we would talk about

If you have any questions or want to have my advice, feel free to drop a message or a comment down below.

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