best vacuum for pets

Best vacuum for pets

Nowadays, pets like cats and dogs are considered as a beloved member of your families. Unfortunately, their pet hair may be everywhere in your house, especially beds, sofas and carpets. I’m sure that you are looking for a best vacuum to deal with pet hair on carpets, hard floors, or sofas in our house. Actually, it is not an easy job. That is the reason why I’m here with my top 5 list of best vacuum for pets to help you get the most appropriate model. You can read more useful information about best vacuum for allergies. Furthermore, you can read and research more vacuum groups on Best Vacuum Cleaner 2017. I hope you all will find this post valuable.

Common features

In general, based on the design, all vacuum lines can be divided into some different types such as canister, upright or handheld. You should rely on various factors, for example, the suction you like, the size of your house, or the size of your pet to decide what type is the most suitable for your home. Secondly, most of the vacuums have very strong suction power and great performance efficiency.  Clearly, such specialized pet models are much more powerful than traditional vacuums so that they can pick up the most embedded dog or cat hair. Remarkably, some of the vacuums also come with a variety of attachments to handle different surfaces or difficult-to-reach spots. The most basic tools are crevice tool, extension tool, and brush tool, some others include upholstery tool, hardwood floor brush tool, swivel steering, etc. 

Nowadays, there are many different well-known brands with various models such as Bissell, Black & Decker, and so on. In terms of the price, it varies drastically from under $100 to over $300 or even about $400. Therefore, before buying any vacuum models, you’d better consider their advantages and disadvantages in order to select the most suitable product for your family. And now, take a more careful look at the following parts to read more basic characteristics and my full reviews.

Top 5 best vacuum for pets

The following table summarizing 5 machines of Best vacuum for pets group includes some most basic criteria. I also mark each product basing on the separate criteria from 1 to 5. The highest point is 5.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum
Special features:
  • Surface Type: upholstery, auto, stairs, Power Rating: 4 amps
  • Filtration: multi-layer filtration, The Bissell hand vac 
  • 16-ft Power cord
  • Specialized rubber nozzle 
  • two specially designed nozzles
4.3 Star Rating
Special features:
  • Lithium Technology 
  • Cordless, portable and ultra-compact
  • Pet Hair brush and stick vac floor extension
  • High-performance motor 
  • 3 Stage filtration system
4.2 Star Rating
Holife Handheld Vacuum, Cordless Hand Held Cleaner
Special features:
  • It’s 3.27 lbs and ergonomically designed 
  • Long battery life & quick recharging ability
  • Powerful & Cyclonic suction
  • Quiet system
  • Versatility & dry wet amphibious
4.3 Star Rating
Proscenic SUZUKA WIFI Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
Special features:
  • Remotely Clean from Free Smartphone
  • Cleaning System Automatic Navigation
  • New Powerful Motor
  • Infrared Sensor,
  • HSIR system & Anti-fall Sensors 
  • Easily Shifts from 2 Cleaning Modes
4.5 Star Rating
ECOVACS DEEBOT N78 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
Special features:
  • Tangle-free, powerful suction 
  • Long-lasting battery
  •  high efficiency filtration system 
  • Smart, infrared sensors 
  • Standard features 
4.6 Star Rating
The following part is given to introduce to you top 5 best vacuum for pets items. I will show theirs pros and cons with my personal reviews. If you find any machine suitable for your own family, click the included Amazon button to buy it quickly and directly.

Best vacuum for pets reviews

1. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum, Corded, 33A1

best vacuum for petsExtremely inexpensive: Compared to various machines, this vacuum cleaner is very cheap. With the price of under $50, every family, especially low-income families affords to buy it.

Very lightweight: With the weight of 4.2 pounds, users can find it convenient and easy to clean everywhere. Anyway, it’s very portable. Moreover, you can clean with one hand.

Good warranty and service: According to many customers, they highly overestimate the customer service and the warranty policy. Because for a home appliance, 1-year warranty is long enough. 

Small but powerful: Although it’s small, the suction and filtration are so enormously powerful that you can clean anything in your house such as dust and debris. 

Little loud: A disadvantage is that despite working effectively, this Bissell vacuum makes little loud noise. However, generally, the sound is less uncomfortable than that of others. 

-Long cord: Owing to the long cord, users can clean a quite large-scale place without a lot of efforts.

To sum up, Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum, Corded, 33A1 is an ideal option for multiple cats and dogs. Because of the strong power, all pet hair can be removed from beds, sofas, and carpets.

If you like this product line, please click the following Amazon button to purchase it quickly and directly:

2. BLACK+DECKER BDH2020FLFH MAX Lithium Flex Vacuum with Stick Vacuum Floor Head and Pet Hair Brush, 20-volt – Cordless

best vacuum for petsAffordable price: In comparison with the previous vacuum, this model is not too expensive. With the price of under $100, it’s a smart option for both low and middle-income families to buy it.

Quite lightweight: Although this product is heavier than the first model, with the weight of 6.8 pounds, it’s quite light and portable for users to clean anywhere. More impressively, this Back & Decker line is cordless, so you can move it flexibly everywhere. How convenient!

Lithium technology: This technology makes the suction and filtration more powerful. Moreover, this vacuum cleaner is designed with 3-stage filtration system, it prevents dust and debris from escaping.

Long warranty and good service: To tell the truth, 2 years is a long enough warranty for an electronic appliance. 

Wonderful batteryThanks to the Li-on technology, the battery lasts for a long time and it takes a short time to charge. Furthermore, it has charging light in order to notice when the charging is done by turning off automatically.

User-friendly: Like almost all vacua, this Black & Decker product line is very easy to use. Only by reading carefully and following closely the instruction can even starters get the hang of it soon. Moreover, it’s really good for your pets and environment.

Soft noise: More interesting than the first machine, this model makes softer noise. In other words, it’s seemingly quiet during cleaning. 

If you feel this machine is suitable for your family, please click the included Amazon button below to buy it now:

3. Holife Handheld Vacuum, Cordless Hand Held Vac Car Pet Hair Cleaner 14.8V Lithium with Quick Charge Tech and Cyclonic Suction

best vacuum for petsInexpensive price: With the price of under $100, this Holife handheld vacuum is affordable for even low-income families. 

Extremely lightweight: In my view, this is one of the lightest vacuum lines. Particularly, with the weight of 3.3 pounds, it’s so portable that users can move it flexibly and clean with one hand. 

Excellent battery: Thanks to the Lithium technology, the battery life is longer and it doesn’t take a long time to charge. 

Powerful suction but quiet system: Generally speaking, this vacuum model has such highly powerful suction and filtration. However, it doesn’t make loud noise with annoying sounds during cleaning. Therefore, your pets won’t be frightened.

User-friendly: Like all other vacua, this product line is very friendly to users and pets. Firstly, you can get the hang of it soon only by following the instruction. Secondly, because of the quiet system, your pets are not frightened. What an ideal model for pets!

If you feel this machine, click the Amazon button below to pick it up now:

4. Proscenic SUZUKA WIFI Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Smartphone APP Remote Control, Auto Charging Robot Floor Cleaner 

best vacuum for petsExtremely expensive: Compared to all vacuum cleaners, this model is very overpriced. With the price of about $700, I personally think that only high-income families can afford to purchase it. Nonetheless, in my opinion, you get what you pay for. I’m sure you all will feel satisfied with its high quality as well as multiple programs and settings.

Quite lightweight: With the weight of 6.3 pounds, this Proscenic vacuum is quite light. In addition, the Robotic vacuum product is so portable that users can move it flexibly.

Canister design: More convenient than other upright vacuums, people can clean dust, debris on beds, sofas and other upholsteries.

Powerful suction: From my point of view, this Proscenic SUZUKA WIFI Robotic Vacuum Cleaner has such powerful suction and filtration that you can clean dust, debris effectively on carpets, rugs and even hardwood floors.

Awesome battery: Another advantage of this model is the long battery life and automatic charging. 

User-friendly: Only by following the instruction can users get the hang of it soon. Moreover, you can monitor it by remote control. To be honest, not all vacuum lines have this handy feature.

If you enjoy this vacuum cleaner, please click the following Amazon button to purchase it quickly and directly:

5. ECOVACS DEEBOT N78 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Tangle-free Suction for Pet Hair, Hard Floor – Cleaning Robot

best vacuum for petsExpensive price: Compared to other machines of best vacuum for pets, this Ecovacs vacuum cleaner is quite overpriced. With the price of under $200, it’s a good option for at least middle-income families.

Perfect size: With the weight of 9.7 pounds, it’s heavier than most products of best vacuum for pets. However, it’s not a serious drawback at all. Furthermore, it’s a canister model, so it’s convenient for you to clean such hard-to-reach places which most upright products can’t clean completely.

-Powerful suction: With the tangle-free suction, it’s an excellent option for pets thanks to the powerful suction and filtration. As a result, you can eradicate all dust, dirt things and debris.

Friendly to users and pets: This vacuum cleaner is very easy to clean. It’s only takes some minutes to get the hang of it by reading and following the manual instruction. Moreover, it’s entertaining for pets.

Quiet enough: Although the suction power is strong, it doesn’t make loud noise with the soft sounds. 

Getting stuck: A shortcoming is that this vacuum line may sometimes get stuck. However, this problem only occurs when the battery almost runs out of or surfaces for cleaning changes (for example from hardwood floors to carpets). 

Good warranty and service: In my opinion, 1 year is long enough for warranty policy of a domestic appliance. What’s more, many customers on Amazon highly appreciate its good customer service. 

If you think this vacuum is suited with your family, click the included Amazon button to buy it directly:

Final thoughts

I have already shown you some useful and comprehensive information about best vacuum for pets. At the same time, I highly recommend top 5 machines with their full pros and cons and my personal reviews. Moreover, you can read best cordless vacuum for pet hair or best robot vacuum for pet hair to research more models. If you enjoy them, click the included Amazon buttons to buy them quickly.

Finally, I sincerely thank you for reading and following my series. If you like them, be in favor of me!

See you in the following posts!


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