Roomba 770 vs 880

Comparison between Roomba 770 vs 880

Warmly welcome you all to my series of comparison between two highly-recommended vacua. The customers are wondering one of which is the more suitable and works the more effectively. Therefore, being a professional and experienced person, I decide to help you deal with this concern. In the previous posts, I made some clear and easy-to-understand comparison between Roomba 650 vs 770Roomba 620 vs 650. To continue this handy series, today I write another post on Comparison between Roomba 770 vs 880 with my full explanation. If you like it, please be in favor of my post.

Similarities of Roomba 770 vs 880

Like other couples of vacuum cleaner such as Roomba 620 vs 650 or Roomba 655 vs 650, Roomba 770 vs 880 are wonderfully robotic vacuum cleaners of iRobot brand.

To the best of my knowledge, iRobot is one of the most well-known brands in Home & Kitchen appliance.

Therefore, there is no need at all for you to worry about their quality and work effectiveness. Generally, they are quite similar in both design and programs with few minor differences.

First of all, they use iAdapt Navigation technology is navigate and adapt to the floor changes. Therefore, they can clean for all types of floors from tile, hardwood to carpets and stairs.

Secondly, they have 3-Stage Cleaning System in common. Hence, they clean your floors more effectively.

Thirdly, Roomba 770 vs 880 have HEPA filters in common to keep the air clean and remove airborne during cleaning. Thus the surrounding environment is not harmful.

In addition, there are some similarities in programs between Roomba 770 vs 880 such as auto docking, anti-fall sensor, dirt sensor, remote control and so on.

To read more thoroughly, please follow closely the following sections.

Comparison between Roomba 770 vs 880

In this part, I tend to summarize some main characteristics of both Roomba 770 and 880. After that, please follow closely my full explanation and distinction.

iRobot Roomba 770 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

iRobot Roomba 880 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Roomba 770 vs 880Roomba 770 vs 880
Dimensions13.9 x 3.4 x 13.9 inches13.9 x 13.9 x 3.6 inches
Weight 13.2 pounds 8.4 pounds
Noise Average Average
Power StrongStrong
Battery life Average Good
Smart cleaning Yes Yes
Ease of using Yes Yes
HEPA Filters Yes Yes
Special featuresRemote control5x More Power
Warranty1 year1 year


My personal Roomba 770 vs 880 reviews

In general, Roomba 770 vs 880 have some basic similarities in common. However, in particular, there are many differences between them in programs and settings. And now, let’s take a more careful look at this part.

1. Design

From my view point, both Roomba 770 and 880 are very beautifully designed. They have the shape, the color in common.

Roomba 770.  This is a robotic vacuum cleaner with the elegant design. With the weight of 13.2 pounds, it’s quite lightweight and portable. What a good-looking vacuum cleaner!

Roomba 880.   As you can see the photos, Roomba 880 is fairly similar with Roomba 770. Firstly, both of them are robotic canister vacua.

Therefore, they are very suitable for cleaning carpet and upholstery like beds and sofas. Secondly, Roomba 770 vs 880 are the same color, namely in black color.

However, Roomba 880 is more lightweight and portable than Roomba 770 with the weight of 8.4 pounds.

2. Battery

For a robotically electronic appliance, battery is very important. And to have more thorough grasp of differences between Roomba 770 vs 880, please read carefully.

Roomba 770.  This vacuum product has a wireless charging kit. Moreover, the battery is rechargeable and probably used again over.

And it takes 3 hours to charge fully. I’m deeply impressed with the long battery life.

Roomba 880. To be honest, in comparison with Roomba 770, this vacuum model has no wireless charging kit.

Instead, it uses XLife Battery, so the battery lasts twice as long as the normal batteries.

3. Cleaning performance

This is the most important factor of each vacuum cleaner. Because each model has different programs and settings. Therefore, their cleaning capabilities are also variable.

Roomba 770. This model has such exceptional powerful suction and filtration that it does not get suck with per hair.

To tell the truth, Roomba 70 is an ideal option for cleaning carpet, tile, hardwood and Linoleum. Moreover, the HEPA technology keeps the air fresh and airborne clean.

In terms of programs, Roomba 770 has Extra Set of 2 HEPA Filters while Roomba 880 has only extra 1 HEPA filter. Therefore, Roomba 770 cleans more effectively.

Roomba 880.  Compared to Roomba 770, this vacuum has the stronger power with x5 power. Moreover, thanks tho the advanced technologies such as HEPA filter, Roomba 770 vs 880 is one of the best vacuum for allergies.

Nonetheless, this vacuum product might get stuck with much pet hair. A solution for you is often to empty the dustbin.

A shortcoming of Roomba 880 is that it still cleans randomly, so it has difficulties in detecting obstacles, and crashes into something when moving.

4. Features

Let’s move on the summarized characteristics of Roomba 770 vs 880 in the following table. They include both similarities and differences. Hopefully, you will have more comprehensive understanding of comparison between them.

iRobot Roomba 770 Robotic Vacuum CleaneriRobot Roomba 880 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Virtual barrier

HEPA Filter

Convenient scheduling

Wireless charging

Anti-fall sensors

Control remote


Dirt sensors

Auto docking

Rechargeable battery

Washable filters

Automatic adjustment to height

Twin side brushes

Battery level indicator

3-Stage Cleaning System

iAdapt Navigation Technology

Full Bin Indicator

Soft-Touch Bumper

Touchpad Control


5. Price and recommendation

After comparing the design, cleaning performance and programs and settings as well, I would like to make a final comparison of the price. Because of the the most notice-worthy factors of “what is the best vacuum cleaner” is the price.

General speaking, the price of Roomba 770 vs 880 fluctuates slightly. They are very high, namely under $500 and over $500 with Roomba 770 and Roomba 880, respectively.

Therefore, both of them are only affordable for at least high-income families. However, as above-mentioned, you get what you pay for.

I’m sure you all will feel satisfied with their high quality and effectiveness. You’d better take it into careful consideration before purchasing one of them.

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Final thoughts

I have just given you some information about Comparison between Roomba 770 vs 880. If you feel one of them meets your family’s demands and interests, click Amazon buttons to pick it up.

In conclusion, Roomba 700 vs 880 are good choices for allergies and pet hair. However, if both of these highly-recommended vacua are high-costly, you can buy other models with the lower cost.

Let’s read best vacuum under $100 or best vacuum cleaner under $200. If you want to research more models or groups, please read Best Vacuum Cleaner 2017.

Finally, I sincerely thank you for reading and following my series. If you like them, be in favor of me!

See you in the following posts!


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