10 Vacuum Cleaning Tips for Your Floors

Vacuum cleaners have become increasingly common in households, especially in urban areas. With the use right as their name, vacuum cleaner helps housewives clean the house effectively, save time and effort. However, not all users know how to use a durable and efficient vacuum cleaner. To make things easier for you given below are 10 vacuum cleaning tips for your floors, which if you follow correctly, you definitely will be happy wit the results.

1. Don’t make it too hard

The first vacuum cleaning tip is that you don’t make it harder than it should be. It would come as a surprise that  people indiscreetly bring additional messes that turns vacuuming into a more difficult task than it should be.

If, for instance, you enter your home with shoes, you are more likely to take dirt, leaves and other outside elements inside your home, which leads to the fact that your vacuuming task becomes harder and harder. So, it will be a good idea to make sure everyone removes their shoes before entering home. In addition, you should put a doormat at the entry in order that people can wipe their shoes. As a result, your house won’t have any unexpected guests anymore.

2. You need more than once

To completely hoover the dusting and hair on your floor, it is advised to vacuum several times in the same area. Moreover, it would also be wise to clean from various directions to get rid of debris and dirt efficiently.

This is of importance with troublesome pet hair. Ask any pet owner, and they’ll tell you how hard it may get to truly get all of the hair off of the carpet and furniture. In this situation, running over the area up to 10 times may bring the result you want.

I have written about vacuum cleaners for pet hair. Hope you find it helpful.

3. Empty the canister/change the vacuum bag

You should keep an eye on how full the bag or canister is. Make sure you empty the canister or change your vacuum bag at regular intervals. If your canister or bag is already full of dirt and debris, you’re going to have a hard time vacuuming your floors effectively.

4. Accommodate a schedule

Another vital cleaning tip when vacuuming your home is to plan a schedule. Following a regular schedule and sticking to that routine will make sure that your floors are clean at all time.

In most homes, vacuuming once every week or two is sufficient. However, high traffic areas of the home may need a little extra attention. If you have pets that shed, you should probably vacuum more often than once a week.

5. Remove Small Objects From the Floor

Even though this is quite obvious, yet deserves being mentioned. I still feel necessary to add it to the list just in case anybody had any doubts.

Before you begin vacuuming your floors, make sure to remove all the clutter a small objects from the floor. This will make your clean the floors easier and it avoids any smaller objects from getting stuck in the vacuum as well. Moreover, not only will this lead to bigger problems that you could ruin your vacuum or break an internal part, but it will also prevent you from completely hoovering all the dust.

6. Spot Treatment

Vacuums cannot deal with stains. So, if you notice any stains on your carpet while vacuuming, should treat it immediately to minimize the likelihood of a long-term stain. After this, continue with your vacuuming, you may see that this work can keep your carpet in better condition and enhance the result of your vacuuming efforts.

In addition, if you do see stains, whether it is new or old, you should consider using a steam cleaner (you can read more Bissell 1940 PowerFresh Steam Mop Hard Floor Steam Cleaner Reviewto help remove them. Spot treating them is the best move, but utilizing steam on those same spots is just another way to help you keep your carpets look clean and good.

7. Choose the Right Setting

One tip that will be helpful for many people to vacuum their floors more effectively, is to assure that you set the right setting on your device. Many vacuum cleaners come with different settings for cleaning different types of surface.

Keep in mind that the height of your floors will vary around your home. If you have different kinds of floor  in your home, whether it’s an area rug or tiled floor, just make sure that you have adjust the right settings.

8. Move the Furniture occasionally

Larger items like furniture are usually fine to leave in place while you are vacuuming. However, to keep your house cleaner, on occasion you should remove the coffee table, couch, or other such furniture because you are able to clean vacuum underneath those hard to reach places in high-traffic areas of your home.  If you can’t move these larger pieces of furniture, try using one of the accessories that comes with your vacuum cleaner to suck up some of that dust.

9. Deep cleaning is a good idea

Even if you vacuum regularly, it is a good idea to do the occasional deep clean . You can use shampoo, or steam, or may be even both to get the best results. By making your carpet deeply clean, you will help reduce the dirt that has built up in the fibers of your carpet. After that, you will likely find that it is easier to vacuum.

Another tip: Before you shampoo your carpets, whether you do it yourself or you have them washed, make sure you vacuum up as much dirt as possible. The more dirt and dust you can hoover before steaming or shampooing your carpet, the cleaner your carpets will be in the end.

10. Keep it on When You Leave the Room

This cleaning tip is really effective if you own a HEPA vacuum cleaner. HEPA vacuums can be particularly useful at removing allergens and dust in the air, as well as the floors. One tip to help you clean up a room in your house, is to leave your HEPA vacuum running for some more minutes. Make sure that the hose is removed, and do not forget  it. When you return, the room will look, smell and feel cleaner and better.

Finally, thank you for reading and following my post! I hope you will find it valuable!