8 Things You Need to Consider When Having Bissell Vacuum Cleaners

I’m quite sure most of you guys are absolutely falling in love with the price of this in the Bissell vacuum cleaners series So do I. The main reason why the price is so low is due to its small size. Another thing is that it is more likely people give negative reviews, as happy customers care somehow less when their opinions are heard. Because they’ve achieved what they craved for – to buy a grat and effective equipment.

Here are some pros and cons from the previous customers.


  • At the end of the hose provides a good air performance.
  • Removing embedded dirt and pet hair from carpet are quite fine.
  • Remain silent when working.
  • Making no messes when cleaning the dust bag.
  • Good after-service.
  • Reasonable price.

Bissell vacuum cleaners

Herein I want to say more clearly on the dust bag of this vac, usually called the dust bin by some people. The dust bin was packed carefully after running through just a long-time using – around four or five hours. The central vacuum system seems to be picking up so much more dust that it is expected than other more expensive vacuums. Sure, the features of Bissell vacuum cleaners are nice, and furthermore the turbo brush is nice for stairs.

Another thing I would say here is the after-service they provide you after sales. Even though many companies offer you life-time maintenance or free-exchanging tools in some first months and so on. Frequently, most of us would have to deal with unexpected problem. For example, if your house has too much pet hair, this vac is absolutely for you. The Bissell vacuum cleaners are designed to extract from pet danger and prevent the pet hair frequency for the dust bag.


  • Leaving some dirts when it cleans the bare floors
  • Tipped over when the hose was opened too large and too far from the vacuum

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In some cases, it works well until about a month when it started going through belts. Another thing could happen next is when the motor shaft is no longer parallel to the beater brush. It would have not been such an ashamed feature if they had spent about five bucks more on the motor.

As a person who always takes charge of the cleaning part in the house, I would say that this vac is gonna satisfy all the housewives. Even the hardest and deepest corner can this vac go to and sweep away all the dust. The best part comes when it air performance never bothers me every time I turn on the power button.


All in all, with this attractive price, I don’t really come up with any other fancy features are worth paying like this one. Even when you can both get a good basic clean for your house together with the silence is still remaining through the process. If it does, they will only be done by these Bissell vacuum cleaners.


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