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Read Right Now Some Handy Tips For Buying Vacuums If You Don’t Want to Waste Money

As you may know, a vacuum cleaner plays an important role in our daily lives. It reduces human efforts and time for cleaning dust and keeping the air fresh and clean. These days, there are a wide range of vacuum types with many different characteristic features. Therefore, users should consider carefully such typical features of each product line before buying them. Because of these complex things, a vast majority of housewives in the world have no correct and full grasp of buying the best vacuums. You’d better read right now some handy tips for buying vacuums if you don’t want to waste money.

tips for buying vacuums

9 brief tips for buying vacuums

1. You ought to choose a vacuum which is suited with your houses and floors.

2. If you suffer from back-related problems, an upright vacuum cleaner is an ideal option for you.

3. You’d rather buy a bag vacuum than a bagless vacuum because of its large dust cup.

4. You should buy a vacuum with rotating brushes and stainless steel ball bearings if you raise pets.

5. A quite vacuum is a great idea for families with a baby. Consult with other families before buying.

6. If your family members suffer from allergies or asthma, a vacuum with HEPA filter is a perfect option.

7. While using a vacuum, some attachments and accessories are lost, there is no need to buy a new machine. Buy them at stores for installation. Consider carefully the origin and shapes of bought attachments.

8. You should check power switches, height adjustments and disassemble all parts to make sure both whether it’s easy to use and everything is fine.

9. You get what you pay for! The straps of a cheap vacuum is fast dilated. Hence, you should replace them quickly.



10 Legitimate Reasons For Buying Robotic Vacuums Right Now

Have you felt busy and uncomfortable with cleaning your house, even with a vacuum cleaner? For me, I used to be fed up with this laborious, monotonous, and boring duty. Fortunately, since I explored the wonderful advantages of robotic vacuum, I have had more time for my family. That’s also why I share with you this interesting knowledge of Legitimate Reasons For Buying Robotic Vacuums Right Now.

Reasons For Buying Robotic Vacuums

As far as you know, when the world has been increasingly modern, such smart electronic appliances as vacuums play integral roles in our lives. They help reduce and simplify daily cooking and cleaning tasks. These days, there are a wide range of vacuum lines such as upright vacuums, canister vacuums or robotic vacuums. Each of them exposes their own pros and cons, in accordance with separate purposes. Therefore, you need to have more thorough understanding of the most favorable product line.

What is a robotic vacuum cleaner?

Robotic vacuum cleaner, called robovac, is an automatically robotic machine whose purpose is to clean dust, pet hair and any dirt things from your house. It’s set with fully intelligent programs and a limited cleaning system. Despite a vacuum type, the robotic vacuum cleaner is fairly different from other conventional types.

Reasons For Buying Robotic Vacuums

In specific, with a robotic vacuum cleaner, users can clean dust without human effort. This smart device either operates automatically or is under control by a mobile remote or mobile app.

According to many people, robotic vacuum cleaner weighs awesome advantages over downsides. Therefore, if you are looking for a smart vacuum, a robotic vacuum cleaner is an ideal choice.

10 Reasons For Buying Robotic Vacuums

Among aforementioned vacuum types, I’m remarkably impressed with the Robotic vacuum cleaner. After researching some related information, I’m willing to give you some legitimate reason WHY WE SHOUD BUY A ROBOTIC VACUUM RIGHT NOW.

1. Convenient without manual operation

First and foremost, as its characteristic name, robotic vacuum is an ideal device for those whose suffer from the physical ailments or mobility problems. Additionally, if you are fed up with the daily cleaning routine or temporarily busy, a robotic vacuum is the best solution for you. What you do is to turn it on and let it do cleaning.

Reasons For Buying Robotic Vacuums

There are a wide range of small sensors inside a robotic vacuum cleaner. Hence, they help this device clean independently (meaning without manual operation). Again, Robotic vacuum cleaners are absolutely perfect for elderly individuals suffering from arthritis or joint pain.

2. Time-saving for cleaning

As above-mentioned, when the world has been increasingly ever-changing, people have more concern-worthy issues. For example, beside raising families, a majority of housewives have to spend their most time on building career and taking part in a social life. As a result, they have a desire for spending less time for quick and efficient cleaning everyday. Understanding the concern of those, many manufacturers have invented such a wonderful robotic vacuum cleaner.

Reasons For Buying Robotic Vacuums

Modernly designed without supervision, robotic vacuums save an surprising amount of time for users and become one of the most perfect domestic device for all busy folks. Interestingly, like almost all other home electronic appliances, robotic vacuum cleaners have capacity of connecting with home’s wifi. As a result, you can control the robotic vacuum by a smartphone or tablet app when you’re away from home. There are no more comfortable and relaxing things than that coming home back with a clean and tidy house in front of your eyes.

3. Self-charging

The third reason why you should buy a robotic vacuum cleaner is its ability to self charge. Therefore, there is no need for manual recharging when the energy runs out of. More impressively, the robotic vacuum immediately turns back to its docking station when the battery is low for each cleaning. Some products even stop cleaning to self recharge.

Reasons For Buying Robotic Vacuums

This advantage of robotic vacuums is considered as an astonishing plus point over conventional vacuum lines such as upright, canister vacuums. More surprisingly, the time to recharge a robotic vacuum is less.

4. Intelligent

4.1. Automatic adjustment to different surfaces

Inside a robotic vacuum cleaner, there are thousands of small sensors. Therefore, it can detect and simultaneously clean dirt, obstacles and drop like stairs. Therefore, it’s very comfortable for users to let it self-clean all types such as carpets, hardwood, stairs, wall and tile floors. For example, some models are regarded as the Best robotic vacuum for carpet.

Reasons For Buying Robotic Vacuums

Thanks to this intelligent characteristic, robotic vacuum can automatically prevent from damage.

4.2. Automatic adjustment to clean settings

Another plus point of a robotic vacuum over other conventional lines is the Automatic adjustment to clean settings. As you may know, different floor types are covered with different levels of dirt, dust and debris. Conveniently, robotic vacuum cleaners are set with automatic clean programs. Therefore, users don’t need to do these tasks with hands. How convenient and comfortable!

5. Low Maintenance

In addition, compared to other conventional vacuum lines, robotic vacua require only a minimal maintenance. The reason is because this device is constructed with high-quality materials for the coming years. You only need to replace bags, empty out the dustbins, and keep your floor clear.

6. Longer battery life span

Today, some robotic vacua use XLife Extended Life Battery, Advanced Power System Ni-MH Battery and so on. All of them help strengthen the battery life and maintain perfect battery. However, it’s not all robotic vacuum cleaners that have the same battery, so you should also consider each separate product. By the way, I suggest that you read some comparisons between Roomba 655 vs 650Roomba 650 vs 860, and Roomba 980 vs 880.

7. Easy to fit hard-to-clean places

In general, many customers have difficulties in cleaning some tight spaces such as under bed, sofa, stairs and in the corners between walls and cabinets, etc.. While some other types need a long hose to clean dust from hard-to-reach places, robotic vacuum cleaners fit to every tight spaces.

Reasons For Buying Robotic Vacuums

8. Upgradable & Repairable

You are using a robotic vacuum cleaner at home. If you are in trouble with your vacuum in cleaning process, don’t worry about fixing these mistakes or breaks. Moreover, unlike some other upright vacuums, robotic vacuums are upgraded with new software so as to make their cleaning more efficient. Fortunately, brushes and parts are easily replaced.

Even though everyone can do the routine maintenance to keep the robotic vacuum working, some of the more complicated issues are more difficult to resolve. If you buy a robotic vacuum from RobotShop, you can send the bot back to RobotShop and they’ll take care of it free of charge.

9. Larger dust bags

In general, a robotic vacuum has larger dust bag, so it can hold a larger amount of dirt, dust and debris. Furthermore, you also either empty out or change less often than the bags in other manual vacuums.

10. Affordable

Last but not least, I’m deeply impressed with both the affordable price and high quality of robotic vacuum cleaners. Whereas other vacuum lines are at the substantially changeable price, robotic vacua’s price fluctuates less. Anyway, I personally think these prices are still affordably. Therefore, it’s suitable for many families. In bottom lines, the cost depends more on each line.

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You have already read some comprehensive information about 10 Legitimate Reasons For Buying Robotic Vacuums Right Now. I think these aforementioned reasons can urge you to purchase a robotic vacuum for your family.

By the way, if you have an tendency to pick a robotic vacuum or any other vacuum cleaner, the following tips are useful for you.

Read Right Now Some Handy Tips For Buying Vacuums If You Don’t Want to Waste Money

Click Immediately Some Money-saving Tips For Self-repairing Vacuum

Finally, sincerely thanks you all for reading this post.



Some Unbelievable Functions of Vacuums Manufacturers Never Release

As you may know, these days, the importances of the electronic appliances have been more and more significant in our daily lives. Such domestic devices as bread machines, smart cookers, food processors and vacuum cleaners reduces more time and efforts. In other words, they make the life easier and more convenient. I am writing this post to share my experience as well as understanding of vacuum cleaner. Have you ever thought what the functions of a vacuum cleaner are? In addition to vacuuming, a multifunctional vacuum has many other magical tasks. I’m strongly sure that manufacturers never release some following unbelievable functions of vacuums. Let’s take a more careful look!

Main functions of vacuums: Cleaning dust

All people know that the main function of vacuum cleaner is to clean dust, dirt and debris. This is the fastest and most effective way to remove completely dust in your house, from stairs, carpets, cars and hardwood, etc. Now, please take a brief look at the main functions of vacuums below:

  • Vacuums function to clean dirt, pet hair, dust and other unwanted particles in the air and other surfaces such as upholstery, rugs and furniture.
  • The cleaning process is easier and simpler with this cleaning tool around. You save more time and efforts to do cleaning tasks.
  •  The great importance of vacuum cleaner is to eliminate the greater involvements of human in cleaning process. For example, cleaning dust by washing by hand, removing debris by sweeping.
  •  Many vacuum cleaners have a large capacity to wash and shampoo carpets. Some others use steam to clean surfaces.
  • Some vacuum cleaners can clean up the entire mess in your space.

functions of vacuums

Extra Unbelievable Functions of Vacuums

In addition to the function of cleaning dust, I strongly believe that you will love more your vacuum after reading the following extra functions of vacuums. Interestingly, you will see vacuum as a magical device which plays an integral part in your life.

1. Kill mosquitoes with vacuum cleaner

Have you felt uncomfortable with a large amount of mosquitoes? They appear everywhere in your house, especially under the bed, in the corners of desks, cabinets and sofa. Therefore, you are worrying about the outbreak of Zika plague. You have done everything to kill such hated insects without handsome results. If you have a vacuum cleaner at home, why don’t you use your very vacuum to kill mosquitoes?

functions of vacuums

The method is extremely simple and easy to carry out. What you do is to open the cabinets, plug in and operate the vacuum. All mosquitoes, along with other insects will be sucked in and killed immediately.

2. Clean bacteria and the air

As far as I’m concerned, a majority of modern vacuum cleaner lines have been using the Cyclonic vortex technology. The main function of this technology is to removes up to 99% of harmful dust and bacteria. Additionally, these useful vacuum cleaner use Cyclone technology to reduce the dust particle size by 50%, increases the space in the dust bag, and collect dust continuously. Therefore, users don’t need to empty out the dustbin many times.

functions of vacuums

Thanks to these modern technologies, the health of your whole family is always protected carefully. Even you are raising pets, pet hair and dust are not worry-worthy. Your house environment and the air are very clean and fresh all the time. Moreover, all disease germs are completely removed.

A vacuum cleaner also protects our health thanks to HEPA filters and high filtrations. Because they help keep the air fresh and clean, which is the Best vacuum for allergies.

3. Blow dust and collect garbage easily

In addition to the aforementioned functions, almost all vacuum cleaners can blow dust and collect garbage effectively. Therefore, this electronic device is an extremely useful tool to do other cleaning things such as sweeping your yard or cleaning the garden strenuously.

functions of vacuums

4. Absorb moisture and Dry air

It comes as a surprise to you to know that a vacuum cleaner functions to absorb moisture and dry air.

functions of vacuums

Nowadays, some vacuum lines come with Nano and antibacterial HEPA filter technologies. Therefore, a vacuum cleaner is a very useful tool for wet season. Impressively, your family will say goodbye with damp, welcome dryness and fresh airflow to your house.

5. Detect dust

Another amazing function of a vacuum is dust detection capability. Specifically, vacuum cleaners are capable of detecting dust, debris, small streaks in deep objects and the air while other broomsticks and mop corners cannot. As a result, respiratory illnesses are prevented from your children.

functions of vacuums

In cleaning process, the light on the vacuum’s hose will glow when the dust passed through the tube, the light turns off when the place’s surface is clean.

functions of vacuums

Some handy tips for using vacuum efficiently

Right now, I will share with you 10 useful tips for using vacuum properly, which is based on the aforementioned functions:

  1. Start your cleaning dust from the top floor, innermost room to the bottom floor and in front of house.
  2. Always clean dust the places where you frequently travel and your pets lie.
  3. Empty out the dustbin bag when it’s three-quarters full. Don’t empty out as it’s full. You can read more warnings at Absolutely Avoid Making Some Fatal Mistakes For Using A Vacuum.
  4. Make use of all attachments properly. Use strong suction power when you clean dust in the corners or edges. Remember to choose the right machines for right tasks. For instance, if you want to clean cars, you should opt Best car vacuum cleaner. Best vacuum for pets is an ideal idea for pets and Best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors is good for hardwood floors, not Best Steam Mop.
  5. Utilize the “top down” rule. It means that you should clean from the front curtains, then the couch, the desk, and finally the carpet and floor.
  6. Place the vacuum cleaner in the narrow places, bookshelves and corners. Absolutely avoid vacuuming for a long time. The best way is to vacuum and then let it relax for 30-45 minutes and 15 minutes, respectively.
  7. Regularly check the nozzle and suction nozzle to get rid of hair, clothing and woolen fibers.
  8. Do not rub strongly the expensive carpet, because the fabric will be damaged. You can choose the suitable vacuum for carpets. In addition to Best vacuum cleaner for carpet, you can read more:

9. Use the warranty service regularly to strengthen the life span of your vacuum cleaner.

10. Use a robotic vacuum to save cleaning time.


You have just taken a more thorough look at Some Unbelievable Functions of Vacuums Manufacturers Never Release. Have you found your vacuum cleaner more useful and wonderful?

If you have a tendency to buy a vacuum cleaner, read more post on:

Finally, sincerely thank you for reading this post,



Absolutely Avoid Making Some Fatal Mistakes For Using Vacuum

In the ever-changing world, the substantial development of the science technology results in the more and more its application to our daily life. It’s obvious that these days, there are a wide range of domestic appliances such as smart cookers, bread machines or vacuum cleaners. All of them make our cooking and cleaning tasks easier, save more time and efforts. However, I only strongly emphasize vacuum cleaner field. After investigating all people’s daily habits, I surprisingly realize that a majority of users make vacuum mistakes. As a result, many people complain about the ineffectiveness or money wasting. Therefore, You should Absolutely Avoid Making Some Fatal Mistakes For Using Vacuum below if you want to save time, money and effort for using vacuum cleaning.

3 serious misunderstandings of vacuum

1. The more multifunctional vacuum is, the better it works.

It’s common knowledge that vacuum cleaners function dry suction, water suction. many people have an incorrect grasp of the vacuum. The more multiple functions are, the more perfectly they work. It’s good! However, it’s necessary for users to identify the need-to-vacuum places. If you need to clean your small company, office or apartment, a commercial vacuum is not suitable at all.

fatal mistakes for using vacuum

2. The huger capacity is, the better vacuum works

A majority of customers are more likely to select a vacuum cleaner with a large capacity. They think the larger capacity is, the more dust and dirt things are removed. They consider the capacity, without regard to the features or properties of the need-to-clean places. In fact, the suction power is far more important than capacity power. The larger airflow through the vacuum is, the stronger suction power is.

3.  Filter is ignored

Customers care about the features, capacity and price when buying vacuum. Nonetheless, the most important criterion is the quality of the filters. Because the filter is regarded as the heart of the vacuum cleaner. A high-quality filter will keep more dirt, smells and bacteria in the kitchen, simultaneously release the fresh air out the environment.

Commonly fatal mistakes for using vacuum

In general, almost all people often make the following fatal mistakes for using vacuum everyday. Therefore, your vacuums may go wrong sooner. Now, I will show you the most commonly fatal mistakes for using vacuum and some effective solutions at the same time.

1. Vacuum in only one direction

fatal mistakes for using vacuum

In common, over 60% American often vacuum their carpets or floors in only linear direction instead of two directions. They think that way is the most effective way to remove completely dirt, dust and debris from your stuff. However, the one-direction vacuuming is one of the most fatal mistakes for using vacuum. Because the two-direction cleaning, which means deeper cleaning, helps get rid of all dirt and allergens in the deep rugs or carpets. In fact, this disastrous mistake drive users more time-wasting on cleaning in vain.

2. Empty out the full dustbin bags

Fatal Mistakes For Using A Vacuum

Wrongly, most people intend to empty out the dustbin bags when they are full. In fact, this is really a fatal mistake which makes your cleaning tasks ineffective. In other words, this dreadful mistake reduces the suction power of your vacuum cleaner. To make matters worse, that users re-do these tasks for a long time drives your vacuum go wrong. How money-wasting! What a fatal faulty!

Therefore, to deal with this problem, you all should check and empty out your dustbin bags more regularly when they are three-quarter full. This right way improves your suction power. By the way, if you have a bagless vacuum cleaner, please often dust the cup.

3. Vacuum without a clean filter

Fatal Mistakes For Using A Vacuum

The third fatal mistake for using vacuum is vacuuming with a dirty filter perhaps because of their laziness or carelessness. Most basically, with a dirty filter, you can do cleaning tasks at the maximum efficiency. More badly, all dirt and allergens are not completely removed, which harms the surrounding environment, children’s health as well as your pets. Immediately, let’s vacuum with a clean filter from now on. Don’t do wrong things to make your vacuum wrong! Absolutely don’t waste more time! Don’t waste more money!

4. Use improper attachments

Fatal Mistakes For Using A Vacuum

It’s obvious that a vacuum cleaner often comes with such many different attachments to clean all different places or furniture in your house. Nonetheless, users don’t know how to make use of them or use these attachments correctly. Thus, it’s very time-wasting to clean your house, carpets or floors. For example, a commonly fatal mistake is that users don’t use crevice tool on the room’s edges. A simple solution to this mistake is to use attachments for vacuuming properly.

Fatal mistakes for using vacuum: Right Tasks, Wrong Choices

A majority of people makes these fatal mistakes for using vacuum improperly. In other words, if you select the wrong vacuum for right tasks, your machines will go wrong sooner. For example, if you want to clean a big house, you need a big vacuum which covers a large area of ground with a great deal of dirt and dust. With such big vacuums, it takes less time and effort to vacuum and empty the dustbin bags. By the way, I highly recommend to you some machines of Best Commercial Vacuum.

Don’t worry! I will highly recommend to you the most suitable vacuums with your tasks at.

1. Vacuums for allergies

Mistakes: Firstly, Your vacuum spews more dust and debris. Secondly, many bagless vacuums have low emissions, mess during emptying the bin of a bagless vacuum. Thirdly, the HEPA filter will trap the coming-in matters and molecules.

Solutions: To be good for allergies or carpets, I advise you to choose the vacuums with HEPA filters, high filtration and AAFA standards (standing for Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America). Increasingly because they will keep the air and surrounding environment fresher and cleaner during cleaning and remove allergens from carpets.

Moreover, you should opt the vacuums with two-fan suction motor. Because they pull in remarkably more dirt and allergens than a single fan motor.

High recommendation: Please take a more thorough look at the following post on Best vacuum for allergies.

2. Vacuums for cars & under furniture

Mistakes: Users choose the corded vacuums or upright heavy vacua.

Solutions: You ought to use such cordless, handheld, lightweight and portable vacuums. In particular, if you want to clean hard-to-clean places such under beds, sofas and furniture, a vacuum with long and powerful hose will be the most suitable choice for you.

High recommendation: Take a more careful look at the following posts to choose the most appropriate vacuum cleaner for your cars.

3. Vacuums for pet hair

To remove completely pet hair, firstly you should choose such vacuums with a bite bigger motor. Because they combine with motorized tools and cleaner heads to suck up dust, pet hair and allergens. Secondly, you ought to choose a vacuum with tangle-free turbine tool. Since they can release more hair straight into the bin than other mini turbine tools. Moreover, they have counter-rotating heads with brushes to remove completely hair, dirt and dust from carpet and upholstery.

Thirdly, a vacuum with groom tool is also a smart choice for you. Because they can remove loose hair directly from your pets. Collected hair is then kept at the groom tool in order to avoid getting stuck. Last but not least, a vacuum with mini stiff bristle brush dislodge stubborn and ground-in dirt and create a flicking action.

High recommendation: Take a more careful look at the following posts to choose the most appropriate vacuum cleaner for your pets:

4. Vacuums for hardwood floors

For hardwood floors or tile floors, you should use powerful suction vacuum. Don’t use a vacuum with beater brushes because these beater brushes can dig into carpet fibers. As a result, they cause such serious damages to a hardwood floor. With title floors, you should use a steam mop. Furthermore, a vacuum with rubber or felt stripe padding is a good choice for hardwood floors.

High recommendation: Take a more careful look at the following posts to choose the most appropriate vacuum cleaner for hardwood and title floors:

5. Vacuums for carpets

For using carpets or rugs, you shouldn’t use a steam mop or handheld vacuum. Instead, such an upright vacuum or robotic vacuum with strong suction power is an ideal option. Since it allows machines to steer without stooping. By the way, the upright vacuum is quite suitable for cleaning stairs. (Read Best Vacuum For Stairs).

High recommendation: Take a more thorough look at the following posts to choose the most appropriate vacuum cleaner for carpets:


You have just already read some most impressive information about some fatal mistakes for using vacuum. Simultaneously, I also gave some handy solutions to these mistakes. I hope after reading this post, you all won’t make these incorrect things which may either damage your machine or waste more time, money and efforts.

Finally, I sincerely thank you for following this post. By the way, please read more tips:



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