Bissell 47R51 vacuum cleaner Review

Bissell 47R51 vacuum cleaner Review

As you all know, Bissell is very well-known for all the vacuum customers in the world, considering Shark and Eureka. So, there is no reason that in my best list for handheld vacuums will miss one of the most state-of-the-art product from this manufacturer – Bissell, and that would be my Bissell 47R51 vacuum cleaner Review. In my view, this Bissell vacuum is one of the best vacuum cleaner for carpet, and best vacuum for pets. Afterwards, you can see more vacua on Best Vacuum Cleaner 2017. I hope you all will find this post valuable.

A brief summary of Bissell 47R51 vacuum cleaner Review

Besides many big brothers from Black + Decker, sometimes you just need a little giant to perfect your home cleaning process. I say so, because unlike the other vacuums before, in my Bissell 47R51 vacuum cleaner Review, I will show you a tiny vacuum but can do major task with high capacity. All it needs for long-lasting use is to understand it enough to moderate.

Bissell 47R51 vacuum cleaner Review

Overall information

Suction power Strong Suction Technology

This technology helps you to trigger releases instantly, enhance the time to use up to 20 minutes.

Input power 18V

Like I said, this is a small vacuum, consumes not too much electricity for your bills.

Motor 6 amp

This capacity is appropriate for small rooms, specific places and not for your whole apartment.

Filtration system efficiency Multi-level filter

The filtration suits bets for any allergy and asthma, and also leaves your machine cleaner than the air you breathe after cleaning.

Weight and Dimensions Weight: 5.1  pounds

– Dimensions: 9.8 x 8.2 x 46.4 inches

As you can see, the design is light and helps you easy to maneuver from floor to ceiling. You can also change from the cord-free mode to handheld or motor cleaning modes.

Warranty One-year limited warranty.

For the price that Bissell offers, two years are enough for users to guarantee anything they need.

Accessories Rubber contour nozzle, hose-adapter nozzle, 2-foot hose, wide-mouth tool, and crevice tool.
Special features Easy Empty Dust Cup

Also, this helps drive bristles deeper while cleaning carpets so the cleaning performance is better than ever.

Usability Lightweight, handheld vacuum cleaner with powerful 4 amp motor

– Curved carrying handle with power switch on the end; 18-foot power cord

As I said above, this little giant can change the look of your corner, deepen the cleaning process for you,


Please note that this vacuum is a little bit pricey, but absolutely it is for anyone who wants to have a fancy vacuum for their homes.

Bissell 47R51 vacuum cleaner Review 

What customers are saying

Review summary

There are only about 900 reviews on Amazon, not so many but enough to have a brief look on this product. At first, I can see that this vacuum is quite small, in both capacity and time to use. I have to say that this one is quite easy to move and lift up and down around a room, but I found a little bit awkward about the battery. Anyway, it collects pet hair quite well, impresses me so much. For those who chose this product for specific using purposes, they found Black + Decker V6 is a superb vacuum. Otherwise, others held a different outlook on this product.

Having only 2 modes are Low and Max, with up 20 minutes if it is for Low mode and 6 minutes for the other one, users may find it very inconvenient about this side. I did too when I first brought it home. But then I found the right place to use it, this inconvenience disappeared right then.

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Pros and Cons

As far I testes this vacuum, and actually I did not stop at testing it, I also used it as one of my cleaning tool for my little office. And the more I use the more I would consider it to be my Little Giant. It is not so easy to find a vacuum can reach anywhere with the high suction and strong mode. Furthermore, the unit weighs surprisingly minor and well balanced.

But there are something I need to mention to use before taking this vacuum home, First, please note that you choose this one for specific purposes and places. The place is not so large, one single room is enough. Secondly, you cannot charge the battery while using, which may interrupt your cleaning. I would recommend Black + Decker to provide 2 batteries instead and make the battery can be rechargeable,  to we still have to wait for another update.

 Bissell 47R51 vacuum cleaner Review

My rating

Herein, I would like to use 10 factors (as I mentioned above) and mark each of them from 1 to 10. Therefore, the maximum score is 100 for each product. In my Bissell 47R51 vacuum cleaner Review, this is the table score:

Suction power 10 of 10
Input power 8 of 10
Dust capacity 9 of 10
Filtration system efficiency 8 of 10
Weight and Dimensions 8 of 10
Warranty 8 of 10
Accessories 8 of 10
Special features 9 of 10
Usability 9 of 10
Price 9 of 10


Last but not least, I hope that my Bissell 47R51 vacuum cleaner Review help you a lot in finding the right vacuum for you. For further information, you can email me or leave a comment below. And if you are looking for another commercial vacuum, do not hesitate to click to view the Hoover UH72400 Vacuum Cleaner review.

If you find out this is the vacuum that you are looking for, you can buy it here:

Once again, thank you for enjoying my Bissell 47R51 vacuum cleaner Review. Moreover, read more Dyson DC44 vs V6Shark rocket powerhead reviews or best car vacuum. See you again in my next review!



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