Choosing The Best Vacuum Cleaners: Shark NV356E and NV353

Buying a top quality vacuum cleaner is a significant though worthwhile investment. It will provide unsurpassed cleaning power, ease of use and convenience. But it does represent a sizable financial outlay. Before you purchase a high-end vacuum, it’s important to find the one that will best satisfy your individual lifestyle and cleaning needs. The best vacuum cleaners on the market are built to last a lifetime. For that reason, you should do some ‘due diligence’ before making a purchase.

best vacuum cleaners

Shark Navigator NV356E vs. Shark NV353

The Lift-Away Professional NV356E also features a design for household and pet usage and the removable portable canister. It is a big plus for both the Navigator and Rotator vacuum cleaner models when compared to the Dyson. While the Navigator has the same wattage and cord length as the Rotator line, it is a slightly smaller, lighter device made for maneuverability and ease of use. These are no headlights on this vacuum. Despite the not too different size and weight, the Shark Navigator Lift-Away has a 9.5″ cleaning path. It also has the same suction quality as the larger Rotator units.
best vacuum cleaners

You’ll find the same commitment to quality in the Navigator line that you do in the premium Shark Rotator line. Both product lines share performance features like a powerful engine and suction control as well as convenience features. Therefore, it also includes swivel steering and an extra long cord. The best vacuum cleaners that all but eliminates allergy causing dust and micro-particles is here too. But the Shark NV501 comes with a highly functional accessory bundle that includes specialized accessories for dust removal and pet hair removal. Overall, the Navigator line brings you Shark quality, durability and ease of use at a value price point.


With many consumer products, the challenge is to distinguish the companies that make high-quality products from those who don’t. The vacuum cleaner marketplace doesn’t follow that template. In fact, there is an abundance of solid companies making any number of well-built devices that get the job done. The best vacuum cleaners of every top manufacturer are all well liked by their owners and get enthusiastic reviews on various websites. When people find a vacuum cleaner that is the perfect fit for their needs, they become raving fans. To find the right device amidst so many good ones requires extensive and detailed research.

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