Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaners Reviews

For Black Friday, many of my customers asked me about the Dirt Devil vacuum brand. Many of them wonder about the price and the quality of the vacuum that they supply, so this time I would love to write a post about this brand to help customers understand more through my Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners reviews.

About the structure of the post, it consists of 5 parts in the following order: history of the company, the technology that they use, pros and cons and the reputation of the brand, summary of feedback from customers. For more reviews about each product with detailed information, please click on the product or ‘Check on Amazon’ to bring it home with you.

Last but not least, I would like to give you some first instructions as well as some tips and tricks while using your vacuum. Also, I hope that my website would provide you the Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners reviews that you need.

About the company

Dirt Devil is a brand name of household vacuum cleaners and floor care. At first, there are two main units: Power for large houses, and RV unit for smaller houses or apartments, as well as a variety of other floor care products including handheld vacuum cleaners and carpet shampooing machines.

The company was founded in 1905 in Cleveland, Ohio by Philip Geier as Royal Manufacturing. In 1955 they built the first household vacuum with a patented Cyclone system. Since then over 25 million have been sold. Originally the company made vacuum cleaners with metal cases. The corporate legal name is the rather anonymous “TTI Floor Care North America”. TTI stands for Techtronic Industries, a Hong Kong-based firm and the Hoover, Vax, and other vacuum cleaners.

dirt devil vacuum cleaner review


At the first glance, there are four main series of vacuum that Dirt Devil offers customers to choose:

Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners reviews

  • Classic Red Hand Vac: It has a rotating brush for cleanup on stairs and furniture, plus a hose for hard to reach spots. Therefore, the hand vac became the largest selling handheld vacuum in the United States, fueling innovation.
  • Broom Vac: It is a rechargeable stick vacuum used for mostly bare floors; the user sweeps with it and vacuums the pile. Also, it does not require bags.
  • Vision Cyclonic: It includes Ultra Vision
  • AccuCharge: Charging time for both units is 6 hours. The Hand Vac has a unique flip-down crevice tool built into the nozzle and it weighs 3.25 lbs.

What customers are saying

With a variety of choice from Dirt Devil, I believe you cannot keep an eye off of the products that they offer. First, the design is quite easy to maneuver and it is light enough for you to clean through your home. Furthermore, fast-charging for a handheld vacuum is not a common thing that all the manufacturers would think about.

Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners reviews

Although there are some problems. Such as the insurance and the cord maybe easy to break, those thing can fix if the customers are careful enough. Another thing to concern is the filter. If you have carpets and this will become a problem because sometimes you will find that the filter is not thick enough to cover all the dust in the carpets.

Another thing that I really impressed with Dirt Devil is their technology. Though times, they always try to come up with new ideas and technology which can make the most of the vacuums for customers. I believe you will never have to regret to choose a Dirt Devil to bring it home. For the warranty policy, you can find more specific in my detailed Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners reviews.

Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners reviews

Beside the overview about Dirt Devil, I also spend time to test the application to help customers know more about the product they would choose. Herein, I would like to list some of the Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners reviews for you:

Tips and Tricks

Beside Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner reviews, if you are looking for tips and tricks, please do not hesitate to click at:

Or you can take a look at some tips for using your vacuum more efficiently:

I hope that after my post, you can choose your dream vacuum cleaner and you choice will satisfy all the things that you are looking for.





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