Comparison between Dyson DC44 vs V6

In our modern lives, an electronic appliance like vacuum cleaner is integral. It helps reduce the difficulties and hardnesses of household chores. If you are asking for the better machines between two or more vacuum models, read my series of comparison between vacua. In the previous posts, I gave some comprehensive understanding of Shark vs DysonRoomba 620 vs 650 and Shark vacuum comparison, etc. Today, to continue this task, I will make some brief comparison between Dyson DC44 vs V6. I hope you will find it valuable. After that, you want to see more models by reading Best Vacuum Cleaner 2017.

My Dyson DC44 vs V6 reviews

The table below shows some main characteristics of Dyson DC44 vs V6 vacuum cleaners. And you will read my full reviews then.

Dyson DC44 Animal Digital Slim MK2
11.8 x 5.7 x 28.4 inches
5 pounds
Special features:
  • Dyson digital motor
  • Motorized floor tool 
  • 20 minutes of high constant suction.
2 years
Dyson V6 Absolute Cord-free Vacuum
9.8 x 8.2 x 46.4 inches
5.1 pounds
Special features:
  • Extra tools and HEPA filtration.
  • Cord-free. Hassle-free.
  • Up to 20 minutes of continuous suction.
  • The Direct-drive cleaner head 
  • The soft roller cleaner 

1. Dyson DC44 Animal Digital Slim MK2

Dyson DC44 vs V6

Quite expensive: With the price of under $300, this Dyson vacuum cleaner is suitable for at least high-income families. However, in my opinion, middle-income people are possible to afford it.

Very lightweight: With the weight of 5 pounds, it’s very light and portable. Therefore, users can feel convenient and comfortable to move and clean everywhere.

Upright design: It’s common knowledge that an upright vacuum is very good for back-problem and tall people. Moreover, I’m really into the elegant and compact design.

Powerful suction: From my view point, this Dyson DC44 vacuum has such exceptionally powerful suction and filtration that all dust, debris and dirt are completely removed from your furniture, stairs and floors.

Wonderful battery: To tell the truth, compared to many other vacuum cleaners, this Dyson model has a long battery life. Therefore, you clean your house for a long time without a lots of efforts. Furthermore, the battery is replaceable and removable.

Very quiet: In spite of having strong power, it’s very silent while cleaning. In other words, this product line does not make loud noise with annoying sounds. This is considered as a plus point.

Good for hard surfaces: To be honest, this Dyson cleaner works effectively on hardwood floors, but for rugs. Don’t worry! If you are looking for a suitable vacuum for your carpet and tile floors, one of the following machines will be very suitable: best vacuum cleaner for carpet and best steam mop for tile floors.

Long warranty: In my view, 2-year warranty is very long for an electronic appliance. Additionally, I’m very happy with the good customer service.

If you are satisfied with this Dyson DC44 Animal Digital Slim MK2, please click the following Amazon button to buy it quickly and directly:

2. Dyson V6 Absolute Cord-free Vacuum


Very expensive: Compared to the Dyson DC44, this Dyson V6 is far more expensive. With the price of about $400, I think only high and extremely high-income families afford it. Despite the higher cost, Dyson V6 vacuum does not exceed the quality, programs and effectivenesses of Dyson DC44.

Very lightweight: With the weight of 5.1 pounds, it’s as lightweight and portable as Dyson DC44. Hence, it’s very convenient for users to move and clean it everywhere in their houses.

Strong power: In general, the suction and filtration of Dyson V6 is very strong. However, in comparison with the Dyson DC44, it’s a little bit weaker (not considerable at all).

Friendly to user: In my opinion, only by following the instruction manual can people get the hang of it soon. This machine is very easy to use, and empty out the dustbin.

Good for pet hair, and hardwood floors: Fairly similar with the Dyson DC44, this model works effectively on hardwoods and especially is an enemy of pet hair like best cordless vacuum for pet hair.

HEPA filter: Thanks to HEPA filter, this air in your house is fresher and cleaner during operating. 

Low quality: In comparison with Dyson DC44, the battery of Dyson V6 is more disappointing. Moreover, this vacuum model is more fragile. According to some customers on Amazon, the engine and latches are easily cracked. 

However, to be honest, all drawbacks are not really considerable at all. If you want to pick this Dyson V6 up your house, why don’t you buy it right now? Easily, please click the following Amazon button:

High recommendation between Dyson DC44 vs V6

In general, Dyson DC44 vs V6 are quite similar in programs and settings. However, in my point of view, Dyson DC44 exposes more advantages than Dyson V6.

Moreover, the price of the former vacuum cleaner is far more inexpensive than the latter machine.

As aforementioned in the previous parts of Comparison between Dyson DC44 vs V6, I prefer Dyson DC44 to Dyson V6.

However, the decision on buying either Dyson DC44 or V6 is up to you. If you are interested in one of them, please click the following Amazon buttons to buy them right now:

Dyson DC44:

Dyson V6:

Final thoughts

You have just read some comprehensive information about Comparison between Dyson DC44 vs V6 with my full reviews and high recommendation.

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Finally, I sincerely thank you for reading my post. Hopefully, you all feel satisfied with this post.

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