Electrolux EL4335B Vacuum review

Besides Bissell, Miele, and Shark, Electrolux is one of the most popular brands for many vacuum users. This time, I want to introduce to you my Electrolux EL4335B Vacuum review. Including in my review is one the most lightweight product, but it does not mean that the vacuum will easily lose its suction. Please read more Best handheld vacuum for carbest carpet sweeper and Best commercial vacuum.

A brief summary of Electrolux EL4335B Vacuum review

If you ever complain about a vacuum with high suction, but still need to be light and be clever in cleaning, may be this vacuum can serve you better. This one is quite brilliant with compact design, easy to move from rooms to rooms, even up or downstairs. With the motion control system, you will not find any trouble during twisting and turning around furniture. Furthermore, the slim design of the dust cup allows you to clean more frequently and effortlessly.

Electrolux EL4335B Vacuum review

Overall information

Suction power Easy-Empty Technology, Brush-roll Clean Technology

Apart from Never Loses Suction Technology from Shark, Bissell provides patented self-cleaning brush roll removes tangles from brush roll with the touch of a button.

Input power 12 amps

The input power is quite popular for most vacuums.

Dust capacity Standard bag

For this capacity, you do not have to worry t clean the bag too much while cleaning.

Filtration system efficiency Washable Premium HEPA filter

This filter helps capture 99.97% of dust, allergens and irritants for your better cleaning performance. It also requires less frequent replacement.

Weight and Dimensions Weight: 11.6  pounds

– Dimensions: 13 x 11.5 x 20inches

The slim design of the dust bag allows you to empty the cup easily and reduce the amount of dust escaping into the air.

Warranty Five-year limited warranty.

For the price Bissell offers, five-year is long enough for customers.

Accessories  LED headlight, Infrared Dirt Sensor alerts, The 3D Inducer Motor, Reach-Out lescoping aluminum wand
Special features Fingertip Control

Easily change the height mode of the vacuum to clean effortlessly from bare floors to plush carpets.

Usability Designed for superior performance on super plush carpets

– On/off brush roll switch and 3-level height adjustment to clean all floor surfaces from bare floors to plush carpets-one product is all you need

Along with the agile design and comparative technology, Bissell brings you a more flexible vacuum than ever, to reach to all the places you want.


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What customers are saying

Review summary

Thanks to my little niece who is really like doing the cleaning job, she also enjoys the process of testing the product. We both test the vacuum with rooms along with many under-touching places, hard corners and even seeds and large debris. Overall, I have to say that most of you will surprise at what this vacuum can do with the light design based on its cleaning performance. Sometimes, the light design makes the customers feel very awful and the plastic that they use. In case you need to make sure about your home, please note that you check the cleaning process carefully, especially when you have pets for this Electrolux vacuums.

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Pros and Cons

As I informed you above, both me and my niece have tested this vacuum on Cheerios, pet hair and even the capabilities of reaching to under table and beds. The slim design and long cord allow this Electrolux help you quite easy to control while vacuuming, but you need to take a look at this very carefully. Some cases, if you push too hard on the cord, it may be broken and the double brush will fall later.

When open the box, you can see that this vacuum is quite easy to assemble, and the attachments are very useful and friendly to you.  The designer as made the joint of the handle and heads is lower to the ground, allow you to maneuver better and more effectively. But you need to take care of the brushes and cord. They may be torn apart very easily. If you push the hard, the cord is broken. It may be worse if your house capacity does not fit the vacuum dust bag. 
Electrolux EL4335B Vacuum review

My rating

Herein, I would like to use 10 factors (as I mentioned above) and mark each of them from 1 to 10. Therefore, the maximum score is 100 for each product. In my Electrolux EL4335B Vacuum review, this is the table score:

Suction power 10 of 10
Input power 8 of 10
Dust capacity 9 of 10
Filtration system efficiency 8 of 10
Weight and Dimensions 6 of 10
Warranty 9 of 10
Accessories 7 of 10
Special features 9 of 10
Usability 9 of 10
Price 10 of 10

Last but not least, I hope that my Electrolux EL4335B Vacuum review help you a lot in finding the right vacuum for you. For those who are still wondering about the product, you can check out more feedback on Amazon to find more about the real experience of other users.

If you find out this is the vacuum that you are looking for, you can buy it here:

Once again, thank you for enjoying my Electrolux EL4335B Vacuum review.What’s more, you can you can read and research more vacuum groups on Best Vacuum Cleaner 2017.See you again in my next review!



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