Absolutely Avoid Making Some Fatal Mistakes For Using Vacuum

In the ever-changing world, the substantial development of the science technology results in the more and more its application to our daily life. It’s obvious that these days, there are a wide range of domestic appliances such as smart cookers, bread machines or vacuum cleaners. All of them make our cooking and cleaning tasks easier, save more time and efforts. However, I only strongly emphasize vacuum cleaner field. After investigating all people’s daily habits, I surprisingly realize that a majority of users make vacuum mistakes. As a result, many people complain about the ineffectiveness or money wasting. Therefore, You should Absolutely Avoid Making Some Fatal Mistakes For Using Vacuum below if you want to save time, money and effort for using vacuum cleaning.

3 serious misunderstandings of vacuum

1. The more multifunctional vacuum is, the better it works.

It’s common knowledge that vacuum cleaners function dry suction, water suction. many people have an incorrect grasp of the vacuum. The more multiple functions are, the more perfectly they work. It’s good! However, it’s necessary for users to identify the need-to-vacuum places. If you need to clean your small company, office or apartment, a commercial vacuum is not suitable at all.

fatal mistakes for using vacuum

2. The huger capacity is, the better vacuum works

A majority of customers are more likely to select a vacuum cleaner with a large capacity. They think the larger capacity is, the more dust and dirt things are removed. They consider the capacity, without regard to the features or properties of the need-to-clean places. In fact, the suction power is far more important than capacity power. The larger airflow through the vacuum is, the stronger suction power is.

3.  Filter is ignored

Customers care about the features, capacity and price when buying vacuum. Nonetheless, the most important criterion is the quality of the filters. Because the filter is regarded as the heart of the vacuum cleaner. A high-quality filter will keep more dirt, smells and bacteria in the kitchen, simultaneously release the fresh air out the environment.

Commonly fatal mistakes for using vacuum

In general, almost all people often make the following fatal mistakes for using vacuum everyday. Therefore, your vacuums may go wrong sooner. Now, I will show you the most commonly fatal mistakes for using vacuum and some effective solutions at the same time.

1. Vacuum in only one direction

fatal mistakes for using vacuum

In common, over 60% American often vacuum their carpets or floors in only linear direction instead of two directions. They think that way is the most effective way to remove completely dirt, dust and debris from your stuff. However, the one-direction vacuuming is one of the most fatal mistakes for using vacuum. Because the two-direction cleaning, which means deeper cleaning, helps get rid of all dirt and allergens in the deep rugs or carpets. In fact, this disastrous mistake drive users more time-wasting on cleaning in vain.

2. Empty out the full dustbin bags

Fatal Mistakes For Using A Vacuum

Wrongly, most people intend to empty out the dustbin bags when they are full. In fact, this is really a fatal mistake which makes your cleaning tasks ineffective. In other words, this dreadful mistake reduces the suction power of your vacuum cleaner. To make matters worse, that users re-do these tasks for a long time drives your vacuum go wrong. How money-wasting! What a fatal faulty!

Therefore, to deal with this problem, you all should check and empty out your dustbin bags more regularly when they are three-quarter full. This right way improves your suction power. By the way, if you have a bagless vacuum cleaner, please often dust the cup.

3. Vacuum without a clean filter

Fatal Mistakes For Using A Vacuum

The third fatal mistake for using vacuum is vacuuming with a dirty filter perhaps because of their laziness or carelessness. Most basically, with a dirty filter, you can do cleaning tasks at the maximum efficiency. More badly, all dirt and allergens are not completely removed, which harms the surrounding environment, children’s health as well as your pets. Immediately, let’s vacuum with a clean filter from now on. Don’t do wrong things to make your vacuum wrong! Absolutely don’t waste more time! Don’t waste more money!

4. Use improper attachments

Fatal Mistakes For Using A Vacuum

It’s obvious that a vacuum cleaner often comes with such many different attachments to clean all different places or furniture in your house. Nonetheless, users don’t know how to make use of them or use these attachments correctly. Thus, it’s very time-wasting to clean your house, carpets or floors. For example, a commonly fatal mistake is that users don’t use crevice tool on the room’s edges. A simple solution to this mistake is to use attachments for vacuuming properly.

Fatal mistakes for using vacuum: Right Tasks, Wrong Choices

A majority of people makes these fatal mistakes for using vacuum improperly. In other words, if you select the wrong vacuum for right tasks, your machines will go wrong sooner. For example, if you want to clean a big house, you need a big vacuum which covers a large area of ground with a great deal of dirt and dust. With such big vacuums, it takes less time and effort to vacuum and empty the dustbin bags. By the way, I highly recommend to you some machines of Best Commercial Vacuum.

Don’t worry! I will highly recommend to you the most suitable vacuums with your tasks at.

1. Vacuums for allergies

Mistakes: Firstly, Your vacuum spews more dust and debris. Secondly, many bagless vacuums have low emissions, mess during emptying the bin of a bagless vacuum. Thirdly, the HEPA filter will trap the coming-in matters and molecules.

Solutions: To be good for allergies or carpets, I advise you to choose the vacuums with HEPA filters, high filtration and AAFA standards (standing for Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America). Increasingly because they will keep the air and surrounding environment fresher and cleaner during cleaning and remove allergens from carpets.

Moreover, you should opt the vacuums with two-fan suction motor. Because they pull in remarkably more dirt and allergens than a single fan motor.

High recommendation: Please take a more thorough look at the following post on Best vacuum for allergies.

2. Vacuums for cars & under furniture

Mistakes: Users choose the corded vacuums or upright heavy vacua.

Solutions: You ought to use such cordless, handheld, lightweight and portable vacuums. In particular, if you want to clean hard-to-clean places such under beds, sofas and furniture, a vacuum with long and powerful hose will be the most suitable choice for you.

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3. Vacuums for pet hair

To remove completely pet hair, firstly you should choose such vacuums with a bite bigger motor. Because they combine with motorized tools and cleaner heads to suck up dust, pet hair and allergens. Secondly, you ought to choose a vacuum with tangle-free turbine tool. Since they can release more hair straight into the bin than other mini turbine tools. Moreover, they have counter-rotating heads with brushes to remove completely hair, dirt and dust from carpet and upholstery.

Thirdly, a vacuum with groom tool is also a smart choice for you. Because they can remove loose hair directly from your pets. Collected hair is then kept at the groom tool in order to avoid getting stuck. Last but not least, a vacuum with mini stiff bristle brush dislodge stubborn and ground-in dirt and create a flicking action.

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4. Vacuums for hardwood floors

For hardwood floors or tile floors, you should use powerful suction vacuum. Don’t use a vacuum with beater brushes because these beater brushes can dig into carpet fibers. As a result, they cause such serious damages to a hardwood floor. With title floors, you should use a steam mop. Furthermore, a vacuum with rubber or felt stripe padding is a good choice for hardwood floors.

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5. Vacuums for carpets

For using carpets or rugs, you shouldn’t use a steam mop or handheld vacuum. Instead, such an upright vacuum or robotic vacuum with strong suction power is an ideal option. Since it allows machines to steer without stooping. By the way, the upright vacuum is quite suitable for cleaning stairs. (Read Best Vacuum For Stairs).

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You have just already read some most impressive information about some fatal mistakes for using vacuum. Simultaneously, I also gave some handy solutions to these mistakes. I hope after reading this post, you all won’t make these incorrect things which may either damage your machine or waste more time, money and efforts.

Finally, I sincerely thank you for following this post. By the way, please read more tips: