Some Unbelievable Functions of Vacuums Manufacturers Never Release

As you may know, these days, the importances of the electronic appliances have been more and more significant in our daily lives. Such domestic devices as bread machines, smart cookers, food processors and vacuum cleaners reduces more time and efforts. In other words, they make the life easier and more convenient. I am writing this post to share my experience as well as understanding of vacuum cleaner. Have you ever thought what the functions of a vacuum cleaner are? In addition to vacuuming, a multifunctional vacuum has many other magical tasks. I’m strongly sure that manufacturers never release some following unbelievable functions of vacuums. Let’s take a more careful look!

Main functions of vacuums: Cleaning dust

All people know that the main function of vacuum cleaner is to clean dust, dirt and debris. This is the fastest and most effective way to remove completely dust in your house, from stairs, carpets, cars and hardwood, etc. Now, please take a brief look at the main functions of vacuums below:

  • Vacuums function to clean dirt, pet hair, dust and other unwanted particles in the air and other surfaces such as upholstery, rugs and furniture.
  • The cleaning process is easier and simpler with this cleaning tool around. You save more time and efforts to do cleaning tasks.
  •  The great importance of vacuum cleaner is to eliminate the greater involvements of human in cleaning process. For example, cleaning dust by washing by hand, removing debris by sweeping.
  •  Many vacuum cleaners have a large capacity to wash and shampoo carpets. Some others use steam to clean surfaces.
  • Some vacuum cleaners can clean up the entire mess in your space.

functions of vacuums

Extra Unbelievable Functions of Vacuums

In addition to the function of cleaning dust, I strongly believe that you will love more your vacuum after reading the following extra functions of vacuums. Interestingly, you will see vacuum as a magical device which plays an integral part in your life.

1. Kill mosquitoes with vacuum cleaner

Have you felt uncomfortable with a large amount of mosquitoes? They appear everywhere in your house, especially under the bed, in the corners of desks, cabinets and sofa. Therefore, you are worrying about the outbreak of Zika plague. You have done everything to kill such hated insects without handsome results. If you have a vacuum cleaner at home, why don’t you use your very vacuum to kill mosquitoes?

functions of vacuums

The method is extremely simple and easy to carry out. What you do is to open the cabinets, plug in and operate the vacuum. All mosquitoes, along with other insects will be sucked in and killed immediately.

2. Clean bacteria and the air

As far as I’m concerned, a majority of modern vacuum cleaner lines have been using the Cyclonic vortex technology. The main function of this technology is to removes up to 99% of harmful dust and bacteria. Additionally, these useful vacuum cleaner use Cyclone technology to reduce the dust particle size by 50%, increases the space in the dust bag, and collect dust continuously. Therefore, users don’t need to empty out the dustbin many times.

functions of vacuums

Thanks to these modern technologies, the health of your whole family is always protected carefully. Even you are raising pets, pet hair and dust are not worry-worthy. Your house environment and the air are very clean and fresh all the time. Moreover, all disease germs are completely removed.

A vacuum cleaner also protects our health thanks to HEPA filters and high filtrations. Because they help keep the air fresh and clean, which is the Best vacuum for allergies.

3. Blow dust and collect garbage easily

In addition to the aforementioned functions, almost all vacuum cleaners can blow dust and collect garbage effectively. Therefore, this electronic device is an extremely useful tool to do other cleaning things such as sweeping your yard or cleaning the garden strenuously.

functions of vacuums

4. Absorb moisture and Dry air

It comes as a surprise to you to know that a vacuum cleaner functions to absorb moisture and dry air.

functions of vacuums

Nowadays, some vacuum lines come with Nano and antibacterial HEPA filter technologies. Therefore, a vacuum cleaner is a very useful tool for wet season. Impressively, your family will say goodbye with damp, welcome dryness and fresh airflow to your house.

5. Detect dust

Another amazing function of a vacuum is dust detection capability. Specifically, vacuum cleaners are capable of detecting dust, debris, small streaks in deep objects and the air while other broomsticks and mop corners cannot. As a result, respiratory illnesses are prevented from your children.

functions of vacuums

In cleaning process, the light on the vacuum’s hose will glow when the dust passed through the tube, the light turns off when the place’s surface is clean.

functions of vacuums

Some handy tips for using vacuum efficiently

Right now, I will share with you 10 useful tips for using vacuum properly, which is based on the aforementioned functions:

  1. Start your cleaning dust from the top floor, innermost room to the bottom floor and in front of house.
  2. Always clean dust the places where you frequently travel and your pets lie.
  3. Empty out the dustbin bag when it’s three-quarters full. Don’t empty out as it’s full. You can read more warnings at Absolutely Avoid Making Some Fatal Mistakes For Using A Vacuum.
  4. Make use of all attachments properly. Use strong suction power when you clean dust in the corners or edges. Remember to choose the right machines for right tasks. For instance, if you want to clean cars, you should opt Best car vacuum cleaner. Best vacuum for pets is an ideal idea for pets and Best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors is good for hardwood floors, not Best Steam Mop.
  5. Utilize the “top down” rule. It means that you should clean from the front curtains, then the couch, the desk, and finally the carpet and floor.
  6. Place the vacuum cleaner in the narrow places, bookshelves and corners. Absolutely avoid vacuuming for a long time. The best way is to vacuum and then let it relax for 30-45 minutes and 15 minutes, respectively.
  7. Regularly check the nozzle and suction nozzle to get rid of hair, clothing and woolen fibers.
  8. Do not rub strongly the expensive carpet, because the fabric will be damaged. You can choose the suitable vacuum for carpets. In addition to Best vacuum cleaner for carpet, you can read more:

9. Use the warranty service regularly to strengthen the life span of your vacuum cleaner.

10. Use a robotic vacuum to save cleaning time.


You have just taken a more thorough look at Some Unbelievable Functions of Vacuums Manufacturers Never Release. Have you found your vacuum cleaner more useful and wonderful?

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