Hoover UH72400 Vacuum Cleaner review

Since the last time that I wrote about the Hoover Platinum, many people asked me to test more Hoover products because they are quite fond of their exclusive technology. So, this time I made myself to write a post about a Hoover UH72400 Vacuum Cleaner review in order to help customer to have a clearer overview about this product. By the way, I highly recommend to you some models of best vacuum cleaner for carpetBest commercial vacuum or Shark vacuum comparison.

A brief summary of Hoover UH72400 Vacuum Cleaner review

Now you can manage your cleaning tasks with a lightweight and easy maneuverable vacuum. Of course, the Hoover® Air™ Steerable Bagless Upright is your answer to whole-home cleaning. Moreover , you can easily clean from room to room and go up or downstairs with this lightweight design. This time, Hoover bring you their exclusive WindTunnel® 3 Technology that lifts and removes deep down embedded dirt with 3 channels of suction.

Hoover UH72400 Vacuum Cleaner review

Overall information

Suction power

Steerable Technology, WindTunnel 3 Technology.

With this new technology, Hoover changes the way we clean so much. If you use the regular technology, it can only rely on one channel to clean. But with this Wind tunnel Technology, you can use three channels of suction to lift and remove surface debris and deep down embedded dirt.

Input power 1300 watts.

You may consider this wattage a little bit, but it will save much of your cleaning time.

Dust capacity 1.2 L.

Of course, this capacity is enough for your medium-size house.

Filtration system efficiency Reusable Easy Rinse Filter, HEPA system

Surprisingly, this system uses for long-lasting purpose because it allows users to rinse the filter under running water.

Weight and Dimensions Weight: 13 pounds

– Dimensions: 14.5 x 12.5 x 44.2 inches

Only 13 lbs with wand and tool, this vacuum is very easy to lift, carry and even move around.

Warranty Two-year limited warranty.  

For the price that Hoover offers, this is a good deal of service.

Accessories Multi-Floor Brush roll On/Off, Telescoping Extension Wand, Owner’s Manual
Special features 2 in 1 Crevice Tool – Crevice Mode, On/Off Switch, Brush On/Off Switch, Adjustable Height, Cyclonic Action, Scuff Guard Bumper, Motorized brush roll
Usability – Innovative brush design rotates down into carpet to clean more on the initial pass.

– Cyclonic System for long-lasting, powerful suction.

– TurboBrush tool for stairs, furniture, upholstery, and more.

As you may know, there are Hoover’s eight cyclones which aim to drop filter-clogging dirt out of the airstream, to help the filter stay clean.


For many people, the price is quite soft and acceptable when it comes to the unique technology and the strong suction if offers.


What customers are saying

Review summary

After reading more than 1,700 reviews on Amazon and based on my experience in testing and fixing a number of this Hoover model, I would like to summarize some points from customers’ overview in my Hoover UH72400 Vacuum Cleaner review.

Hoover UH72400 Vacuum Cleaner review

At first, the vacuum outstands in the size, price and the technology that can sweep the most difficult debris and woking in silence. Besides, the problem stays in the after-cleaning process for the dust. So, besides the suction that very worth the price and the lightweight design, this Hoover really need an improvement in the bagless design to help customer to clean the dust container. In case you are not careful enough with the container, it can wear out very easy and it may charge a lot to replace that.

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Pros and Cons

For the best part, the Hoover vacuum navigates very smoothly from carpets to hardwood floors. Furthermore, even if you make it clean on furniture, corners, or any obstacles, you just need to twist the handle in the way you wat it to go. Moreover, the low profile allows you to reach under furniture and many hard-to-reach corners. Also, the Handle Wand helps you easily to carry up to stairs.

Hoover UH72400 Vacuum Cleaner review

But it does not mean the vacuum has no weaknesses. Of course, as I mentioned above, Hoover needs to deal with the brush roll stopping situation which may cause from the removed reset button. But Hoover fixed it with an updated item. Also, if you are wondering that It leaves the small dust on the hardwood, and throws crumbs, across the floor.

My rating

Herein, I would like to use 10 factors (as I mentioned above) and mark each of them from 1 to 10. Now this is the score that I gave in my Hoover UH72400 Vacuum Cleaner review:

Suction power 10 of 10
Input power  10 of 10
Dust capacity 9 of 10
Filtration system efficiency 10 of 10
Weight and Dimensions 10 of 10
Warranty 8 of 10
Accessories 9 of 10
Special features 9 of 10
Usability 9 of 10
Price 10 of 10

Video review

From my perspective, I believe in my Hoover UH72400 Vacuum Cleaner review, I have mentioned to you all of the most featured point of this product. Also, there are some shortcomings that really need to look after.

Thank you for reading till the end of my Hoover UH72400 Vacuum Cleaner review. if you want to see more models, please read Best Vacuum Cleaner 2017.

See you again in my next product!



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