Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Hi there, It’s been times that we have talked about brands and this time I would love to write about one of the most well-know brand in providing handheld vacuums – Hoover. Let’s find out about Hoover now.

About the company

The Hoover Company is an American vacuum cleaner company that started out as an American floor care manufacturer which stays in North Canton, Ohio. Moreover, it also established a major base in the United Kingdom and for most of the early-and-mid-20th century it dominated the electric vacuum cleaner industry. And to the point where the “Hoover” brand name became synonymous with vacuum cleaners and vacuuming in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Also, he Hoover Company in the United States was part of the Whirlpool Corporation but sold in 2006 to Techtronic Industries for $107 million. Hoover UK/Europe split from Hoover U.S. in 1993 and was acquired by Candy, a company based in Brugherio, Italy. At present, it uses the same Hoover logo Techtronic uses outside Europe with the slogan “Generation Future”. Then, Bain Capital is now owning Techtronic Industries.

Hoover vacuum cleaner reviews

In addition to producing floorcare products, Hoover was also an iconic domestic appliance brand in Europe, particularly well known for its washing machines and tumble dryers in the UK and Ireland, and also had significant sales in many parts of Europe. Today, the Hoover Europe brand, as part of the portfolio of brands owned by Candy Group, remains a major player in the European white goods and floor care sectors in a number of countries. Despite Hoover’s no longer being the top seller of vacuum cleaners in the UK, the term “hoover” has remained as a well-known trademark.

Hoover vacuum cleaner reviews

Over the years, Hoover has expanded into other product lines, including kitchen appliances, hair dryers, speakers, and industrial equipment.

Vacuum models

Also, there are various vacuum cleaners to choose from, which can be an upright or a canister. And most of these are provided with strong suction to make carpet cleaning a simple task. If you need upright vacuum cleaners, Hoover provides you appliances which are easy to empty dirt containers. Furthermore, it has the multi-cyclonic action to make work faster and more effective for you.

Here are some of the Hoover product series, including cordless cleaners; bagless – bagged cleaners, canister vacuums, stick vacuums and hand vacuums.

What customers are saying

You just can’t expect from a cordless vacuum to have a better suction power than a corded one from the same generation. Also, many people report problems while vacuuming hair. However, I’m pretty sure most of them didn’t purchase the Rubberized Hair-Lifter tool, especially designed for removing pet hair, which comes separately. After all, it’s going to spend most of its life stashed away in a closet. How it looks is a trivial concern next to knowing how much dirt it’ll suck out of your carpets will be mentioned in our Hoover vacuum cleaner reviews.

Hoover vacuum cleaner reviews

Summing up all the negative and positive reviews, I have to say people either really love or totally hate this vacuum. I guess it is a matter of expectations. The good thing about these third party opinions is that a lot of people like the vacuum cleaner, while only a few are totally disappointed by it.

Hoover vacuum cleaner reviews

We believe that Hoover have effectively captured the market successfully, and we believe that Hoover is leading the way for other brands. When you decide to read our Hoover vacuum cleaner reviews, you’ll quickly learn just how advanced these vacuums are. Some of the most features include:

  1. Hoover Commercial Xl2100Rhs
 Hoover vacuum cleaner reviews Product Name Hoover Commercial Xl2100Rhs
Technology Hoover new vacuum bag
Main purposes Cleaning carpets and hardwood floors
Manufacturer Hoover
Price $190 – $250
Review point 95/100
Read my review at Hoover Commercial Xl2100Rhs – with New Hoover vacuum bags Review or Check on Amazon
2. Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Corded Upright UH72400 Review
  Product Name Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Corded Upright UH72400 Review
Technology Steerable Technology, WindTunnel 3 Technology
Main purposes Multi floor cleaning
Manufacturer Hoover
Price Check on Amazon
Review point 94/100
Read my review at Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Corded Upright UH72400 Review
3. Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner FH40160PC – Corded
  Product Name Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner FH40160PC – Corded
Technology Dual Tank Technology
Main purposes Multi floor cleaning
Manufacturer Hoover
Price Check on Amazon
Review point 95/100
Read my review at Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner FH40160PC – Corded Review
Tips and Tricks

If you need help or instructions in using these Dyson vacuums, these posts from my website may provide you the information you need:

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We have independently reviewed multiple models. Also, we provided many Hoover vacuum cleaner reviews which are very comprehensive and unbiased side-by-side comparison. Therefore, we hope to help you to choose the best vacuum for your needs. Furthermore, about other brands such as Shark, Dyson,… please have a look at my post on the brand you want to find out.

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