ILife Vacuum Cleaners Reviews

In about 10 years recently, we have seen the development of the vacuuming process. Together with the standard vacuum cleaner, we also see new ideas and technology. More specific, it is about the invention of a robotic vacuum cleaner, which are only popular with some users who are fond of new cleaning system and their large budgets. And there is a brand which focuses largely on the robotic cleaning system called “ILIFE” and I would spend this post to write about ILIFE vacuum cleaners reviews and its brand.

ILIFE vacuum cleaners reviews

About the structure of the post, it consists of 5 parts in the following order: history of the company, the technology that they use, pros and cons and the reputation of the brand, summary of reviews from customers. For more reviews about each product with detailed information, please click on the product or ‘Check on Amazon’ to bring it home with you.

Finally, there are some tips and tricks for the products at the end of my post. You can find the way to deal with some usual problems in the cleaning process without the dependence of the customer service.

About the company

ILIFE is a vacuum manufacturer headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong province. For the time that working in the industry, it may not an old one, but an experience one with more than ten years in the cleaning industry. Most important, ILIFE owns an R&D department which dedicates time and knowledge to develop increasingly further. Each year, they have at least 3 new products released.

ILIFE vacuum cleaners reviews

With general 15,000 square-meters manufacturing base, the molding, PCBA mounting and finished goods assembly are done in home. Monthly, the capacity could reach up to 80k pcs.


Initially, ILIFE focuses on intelligent robots: vacuuming, sweeping and washing robots. They have a range of choice for customers when it comes to robotic designs. There are some main series of the vacuum that they offer:

  • Floor Vacuuming Robots with powerful suction and intelligent mode to cover all side of the floors
  • Robot Vacuum Cleaners with multiple cleaning modes and timing-function to clean your house more frequently

ILIFE vacuum cleaners reviews


What customers are saying

For ILIFE, most customers drop a very good comment about the products that they ordered. With an appealing, slim design, round shape and it is very lovely to work in silence. Most of the time, I heard many customers complained about the noise that their vacuums have when cleaning, especially for the standard vacuums. But for ILIFE and a robotic vacuum, it can never happen. Furthermore, it is about the price that ILIFE offer us, you cannot deny.

Also, for users who firstly experience this kind of vacuum, you maybe be angry because in some cases the vacuum goes randomly, not goes along the edges of walls and not pick up kitty litter. If you have face that situation, please call the customer center or the wholesaler that you have bought from. Or you can find more information in my ILIFE vacuum cleaners reviews.
ILIFE vacuum cleaners reviews

Another thing that I really impressed with ILIFE is the Customer Service Center. The way that they deal with problems is so quick, because they always want us to experience the best of the product. If they found that your vacuum has problems, you can charge it for free and get a new one, no fee. And they are very useful and amazing in talking and helping you figure out the problems.

ILIFE vacuum cleaners reviews

Reviewing a robotic vacuum is not so easy, due to the technology and the components of each type. Herein I would like to introduce to you some of the most out-standing vacuums with my ILIFE vacuum cleaners reviews:

Tips and Tricks

Beside ILIFE vacuum cleaner reviews, if you are looking for tips and tricks, please do not hesitate to click at:

Or you can take a look at some tips for using your vacuum more efficiently:

With ILIFE, you can find a new way of cleaning that you may have never been familiar with before, but I belie with the new technology, it may change your life to be better. I hope you can find what you need in my post, and it is my pleasure to have your attention at my site.





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