Oreck Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Hi there, I am back and this time I would like to discuss about a brand which may be very familiar with you – Oreck.

About the company

First, Oreck had acquired an abandoned design for an upright vacuum cleaner from Whirlpool and a failing RCA distribution facility in New Orleans, Louisiana. Initially, the 3.6-kg (8-lb) vacuum cleaner was a third of the weight of other machines available. Competitors, however, used this fact to criticize Oreck’s vacuum cleaner’s effectiveness and durability. Therefore, Oreck decided to first market to hotels where lightweight would be a big positive factor. Nowadays, the machines now are used in thousands of hotels worldwide.

Oreck vacuum cleaner reviews
Oreck Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Recently, Oreck machines are manufactured in China with final assembly in the United States, or imported fully assembled. At the present, the company employs more than 1,500 at its retail stores, corporate headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee, and assembly center in Cookeville, Tennessee, to where it moved from Long Beach, Mississippi, in 2007. Furthermore, one such product is the Oreck XL Air 8 Purifier, which featured in an infomercial running since 1999.

As Oreck has explained, he had “a good idea, a lot of energy, and no money”. And Oreck says that it took about 20 years of hard work to begin to achieve a semblance of success, but he was a believer in Winston Churchill’s maxim, “Never, never, never give up.”

Since 2003, the corporation has been jointly owned by private investment firm American Securities Capital Partners and Oreck’s three children. Then the parent company that owns Hoover, has purchased Oreck as of July 2013. Recently, the company is based in China.


Also, there are various vacuum cleaners to choose from, which can be an upright or a canister. And most of these are provided with strong suction to make carpet cleaning a simple task. If you need upright vacuum cleaners, Oreck treats you to appliances which are easy to empty dirt containers and multi-cyclonic action to make work faster and more effective for you.

Here are some of the Oreck product series:

Oreck XL Upright Vacuums

  • Element Pro Series 2.0
  • Silver Pro Series 2.0
  • Gold Pro Series 2.5
  • Oreck VersaVac Bagless
Oreck vacuum cleaner reviews
Oreck Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Canister Vacuum Cleaners

  • Quest Canister
  • Quest Pro Full-sized Canister
  • Housekeeper Ultimate Handheld
  • Deluxe Handheld
  • Little Hero Bagless Canister
  • Little Helper Bagless Canister

What customers are saying

Firstly, most customers are very satisfied when talking about this brand, thanks to its reasonable price and strong suction. So the Oreck Touch looks and feels great, but the real question is how well does it clean? After all, it’s going to spend most of its life stashed away in a closet. Then how it looks is a trivial concern next to knowing how much dirt it’ll suck out of your carpets will be mentioned in our Oreck vacuum cleaner reviews.

Oreck vacuum cleaner reviews
Oreck Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

By the standards of the many Oreck loyalists out there, I’m happy to say that yes, this is most definitely an Oreck vacuum, the kind of vacuum you’ll swear by. Next, we put it through hours upon hours of tests, throwing everything from sawdust to Labradoodle hair at it. And in the end, we found that it was one of our top scoring vacuums, right up there with the most expensive, high-end models.

Oreck vacuum cleaner reviews

Moreover, we believe that Oreck have effectively captured the market successfully, and we believe that Bissell is leading the way for other brands. When you decide to read our Oreck vacuum cleaner reviews, you’ll quickly learn just how advanced these vacuums are. Some of the most renown features include:

  1. Oreck Commercial Xl2100Rhs
 oreck vacuum bags Product Name Oreck Commercial Xl2100Rhs
Technology Exclusive MicroSweep technology
Main purposes Cleaning carpets, hard surfaces and hardwood floors
Manufacturer Oreck
Price $60 – $130
Review point 95/100
Read my review at Oreck Commercial Xl2100Rhs – with New Oreck vacuum bags Review or Check on Amazon

Tips and Tricks

If you need help or instructions in using these Oreck vacuums, these posts from my website may provide you the information you need:

In case you are looking for some further tips in using these vacuums, take a look at this:

Moreover, with a one-year warranty, Oreck is the brand that can bring to you the most comfortable customer service that I have ever experience before. And if you want to read more about other brands such as Shark, Bissell,… please have a look at my posts. Finally, if you have any questions, please drop a comment and I will answer back to you as soon as I can.



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