Best robotic vacuum for carpet

Best robotic vacuum for carpet

Like other home appliances, a vacuum cleaner plays an important role in each family. It makes our lives easier and more convenient. Everyday, we use it at least once a day to remove dust and debris completely from floors, carpets or stairs. As far as I’m concerned, each of vacuum product line has its own … Read more

Comparison between Roomba 650 vs 770

Roomba 650 vs 770

Welcome back to my series of Comparison between two recommended vacuum cleaners. In the previous posts, I gave some most notable similarities and differences between Roomba 655 vs 650, Roomba 620 vs 650, and Roomba 650 vs 860. Today, to finish this chain of comparison model Roomba 650 vs one or more machines, I write this post on Comparison … Read more

Best vacuum cleaner for carpet

best vacuum cleaner for carpet

It’s common knowledge that a smart electronic appliance like a vacuum cleaner plays an important part in the modern life. Everyday, we use it to remove all dust, dirt, debris and any hard-to-clean-with-hand things. Today, there are more and more well-known brands such as Shark , Oreck with a variety of models and different purposes. For example, … Read more

Shark rocket powerhead reviews

Last week, a friend of mine emailed to me for asking for my personal reviews of a vacuum cleaner named Shark Rocket PowerHead (AH452). She has a tendency to purchase it but has no more full grasp of its advantages and disadvantages. From my point of view, my friend, together with many other people, can know … Read more

Comparison between Roomba 650 vs 860

Roomba 650 vs 860

Recently, I have received a lot of emails for the similarities and differences between two or more vacuum cleaners. Therefore, I make an important decision on writing a series of comparison between two Roomba vacuum models. In the previous posts, I gave you some comparison and contrary between Roomba 655 vs 650 and Roomba 620 vs 650. And … Read more