How To Repair Quickly The Engine Of Your Vacuum?

Experience informs us that transformers and many new models of the best upright vacuum cleaner hardly go out and stop working, and often one have to deal with other problems but the failure of the vacuum cleaner’s engine, as these wear out slowly in time. In order to repair the engine, you do not have to worry about  taking a lot of expertise or high tech equipment but in fact, you’ll need your hands and common sense.


When disassembling your vacuum cleaner, start by getting rid of filters, removing the handles, take out the switch assembly being careful not to disturb the electrical connector, which stays underneath. Remove the vacuum case protecting the interior, to get to the best upright vacuum cleaner core engine. You should be gentle when removing the parts of the vacuum cleaner as the little bits and pieces are fragile.

Remember where to position all the items well especially the screws. In most cases, it is not necessary to remove any of the rubber bumpers surrounding the machine or the cord wires. Remember to keep all the items away from water. And also keep the equipment out of children’s reach due to dangerous factors.

One more thing is that you can arrange them in a particular order, so you better remember where each should go. In any case, the end result after this first phase should look like this:

best upright vacuum cleanerDealing with the motor

Looking at the end of the motor, there is a metal shield you should lightly tap off to expose the blower fan, then remove the nut that is holding the blower fan in its position. Next, you can gently lift out the carbon motor brushes, the producers hold them in place with spade connectors so you can smoothly pull them out directly. These motor brushes should look long and solid and if so, should typically last a very long time. Now you need to remove the brush, then you ought to clean them with an electrical cleaner (or replace them completely) to get the best out of your best upright vacuum cleaner in the future.

If you decide to replace those brushes, always replace both at the same time. After you take care of them very carefully, you can remove the vacuum engines stator. Finishing this by pressing down on the metal spring clip that fastens it in place and the stator should easily slide out.

You may have noticed that the commutator which can be found on the end of the rotor, where those rings of copper strip the brushes by rubbing against them. This piece may get dirt and scored, which is a major problem with the faulty vacuum cleaner engines. These places are some of the most causes that we have noticed from previous users because they pay less attention to these kinds of inside engine. Here is what it looks like:

best upright vacuum cleaner

Some in-depth problems

The commutator does not have to be perfectly smooth and will still operate fine if there are a few small scores present around it, so use feather-like strokes to sand down the commutator and beware not to sand a lot away. The deep scoring is the point where the ends of the brushes contact the commutator, so the heads of the brush should contact tightly with the smooth copper most of the time. Using wet and dry fine sandpaper, fold it into a lengthy strip, enough to carefully sand down the end of the rotors commutator.

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Electronic repairing

Now for the electronic repairing, be extremely cautious, as there won’t be much that can attach by and quite a few loose main connections which could expose that will cut you, if you encounter them. The best upright vacuum cleaner’s engine electronic structure is inextricably simple, consisting of a thermal cutout device and a triac with a 20 to 30 amp. Make connections are certain between all of the triac’s wires and the body. If you have experience with this, you could get right away into inspecting/measuring if all electrical components are working using an ammeter.

best upright vacuum cleaner

Make sure that all parts of the plastic clips that hold the connectors together needs you to completely check it well and they should be in good condition, and wrap the connector in electrical tape to hold it securely together.


When you have completed all the repairing and cleaning, you should reassemble the engine. It is recommended that you allow the vacuum cleaner engine to fully dry by placing it somewhere warm. Just to make sure all the water has evaporated and the maintenance you have done has dried secure, before trying to operate it again.


As you see, repairing the engine of a vacuum cleaner can be a pretty simple process. You do not need to be an engineer to repair your vacuum cleaner’s engine, you just have to have the right skills and determination to get in there. And one more thing, your patience is one of the most valuable keys to the success of this.

If you still have some problems with your vacuum and you cannot figure things out, never bother to call the Service Center. One more thing to remember is to pay attention to your warranty. You should never ignore and forget that because it could save you a lot of money while repairing your best upright vacuum cleaner.

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