Roomba 650 vs 860

Comparison between Roomba 650 vs 860

Recently, I have received a lot of emails for the similarities and differences between two or more vacuum cleaners. Therefore, I make an important decision on writing a series of comparison between two Roomba vacuum models. In the previous posts, I gave you some comparison and contrary between Roomba 655 vs 650 and Roomba 620 vs 650. And today, to continue this chain of comparison, I am writing to show you some similarities and differences between Roomba 650 vs 860. Hopefully, you will find it valuable and useful.

Similarities of Roomba 650 vs 860

As far as I’m concerned, Roomba 650 vs 860 are robotic canister vacuum cleaners. They are manufactured by the same brand, namely iRobot company. From my view point, Roomba 650 vs 860 are very pricey, so at least high-income families can afford to buy it. Because of the canister design, they are two of the best robotic vacuum for carpet items. Moreover, with the quite strong power, I’m strong they can remove pet hair without getting stuck, (read more models of best vacuum for long hair).

In terms of the programs and settings, firstly, Roomba 650 vs 860 have AeroForce 3-Stage Cleaning System which enhances the cleaning efficiency up to 50%. Secondly, they both use iAdapt Navigation for navigation and adaptation to the environment changes. Moreover, the suction and filtration are powerful enough for clean all floor types, notably hardwood floors. However, because of the canister design, they don’t work effectively for stairs, (alternatives for best vacuum for stairs). In conclusion, both Roomba 650 vs 860 are such smart vacuum models. Now, please take the following parts of Comparison between Roomba 650 vs 860 to understand more thoroughly their pros and cons as well as the differences.

Comparison between Roomba 650 vs 860

In this section of Comparison between Roomba 650 vs 860, I summarize some basic criteria of two above-mentioned vacuums. You can read my full reviews below.

iRobot Roomba 650 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

iRobot Roomba 860 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Roomba 620 vs 650  Roomba 650 vs 860
Dimensions  13.4 x 3.6 x 13.4 inches 13.9 x 13.9 x 3.6 inches
Weight  11.8 pounds  8 pounds
Noise  Average  Average
Power  Normal Strong
Battery life  Average  Long
Smart cleaning  Yes  Yes
Ease of using  Yes  Yes
HEPA Filters  No  No
Special features Dirt detection Lithium Ion Battery
Warranty  1 month _


My personal Roomba 650 vs 860 reviews

After showing the summary table of two vacuums, namely Roomba 650 vs 860, I continue reviewing them. Hopefully, you will have more comprehensive understanding of their pros and cons. Most importantly, you can choose the better machine for your family.

1. Design

Generally, design of a domestic appliance consists of the dimensions, weight, color, material types, and shape, etc… Im my opinion, their design is extremely eye-catching and elegant, which satisfies almost all demands and interests of even the most fastidious housewives.

Roomba 650.   With the weight of 11.8 pounds, it’s quite lightweight and portable. Hence, users can clean a large-scale area. Roomba 650 is in black color and designed with the canister shape.

Roomba 860.   Compared to Roomba 650, Roomba 860 is far more lightweight with the weight of 8 pounds. Thus, it’s very portable and convenient to move, bring and clean it everywhere. While Roomba 650 is in black color, Roomba 860 is brighter with the stainless-steel color. Because they both are the same design with canister shape, they are good choices for cleaning upholsteries like beds, sofas and so on.

2. Battery and power

Roomba 650 vs 860 are robotic vacuum, so they need batteries to operate. Hence, the “battery and power” is the second criterion I want to compare between them. Another similarity of Roomba 650 vs 860 is the quick time of charging.

Roomba 650.  This vacuum model runs a yellow Advanced Power System Ni-MH Battery to keep the sustainability of the same runtime during charging times. To tell the truth, compared to some other robotic vacuum cleaners, Roomba 650 is not too exceptionally powerful, the suction and filtration are strong enough to get rid of almost dust and debris.

Roomba 860.  This vacuum product line uses Lithium Ion technology, so its battery lasts longer at least twice as long as normally. And the power of Roomba 860’s suction and filtration are far stronger than that of Roomba 650.

3. Performance

To the best of my knowledge, the cleaning performace is considered as the most important factor to assess a vacuum cleaner.

3.1. Dust bin

While Roomba 650 has a small dust bin, Roomba 860 has a large dust bin. Therefore, if you clean with Roomba 650, you have to empty out the dustbin more frequently than when you use Roomba 860.

3.2. Cleaning capabilities

Cleaning capability of a vacuum is partly affected by the dustbin. Please take more thorough look at the comparison below.

Roomba 650.  Roomba 650 is a random robotic vacuum. With the strong enough power, it cleans completely dust, dirt things, and dust from all types of floors and upholsteries. What an awesome robotic vacuum cleaner! Because of its smaller dustbin, it can’t have much cleaning capability. Anyway, Roomba 650 is a good choice for pet hair.

Roomba 860.  Roomba 860 has more exceptionally powerful suction and filtration than many other vacuum models. In addition to the larger dust bin, the cleaning capability is much larger than Roomba 650. As a result, Roomba 860 can clean not only pet hair, carpet but also on all floor types, even tile and hardwood floors.

4. Features

The following features are the most notable of Roomba 650 vs 860. They are pointed out based on their own main programs and settings. In general, Roomba 650 vs 860 are multi-program vacuum cleaners.

iRobot Roomba 650 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

iRobot Roomba 860 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

 Roomba 620 vs 650 Roomba 650 vs 860
3-Stage Cleaning System 3-Stage Cleaning System
Virtual Wall Technology iAdapt Responsive Navigation
Dirt Detect Technology Lithium Ion technology
Self-Recharge & Auto Adjust to Floors  Automatically docks and recharges

5. Price

The last criterion I would like to compare and contrast Roomba 650 vs 860 is the price tag. Whereas Roomba 650 costs about $300, Roomba 860 is very expensive with the price of under $500. Therefore, I personally think that both of them are only affordable for high and extremely high-income families. Don’t worry! You get what you pay for! I’m strongly sure that even the most fastidious housewives will feel satisfied with them. If you like either Roomba 650 or Roomba 860, please click the following Amazon buttons to buy them directly:

Roomba 650:  

Roomba 860: 

Final thoughts

You have already read some most comprehensive information about Comparison between Roomba 650 vs 860. Hopefully, you can make an important decision on choosing the more appropriate vacuum cleaner for your family. If you are looking for a purpose-certain vacuum cleaner, please read more post on best car vacuum for your beloved car, or best vacuum for allergies if your children are allergic to pet hair. Impressively, you can research more models and more groups, please read  Best Vacuum Cleaner 2017.

Finally, I sincerely thank you for reading my post.

See you in the following posts!


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