Roomba 980 vs 880

Comparison between Roomba 980 vs 880

Welcome back to my series of comparison between two or more vacuum models. Your are wondering the quality, programs as well as the price of two vacuum cleaner, Roomba 770 vs 880, Roomba 805 vs 860, for example. You don’t know how to choose the most suitable model for your family. And to continue this useful chain, today I decide to show you some comprehensive comparison between Roomba 980 vs 880. Hopefully, you all will find it valuable and finally the better cleaner.

Similarities of Roomba 980 vs 880

Both Roomba 980 and 880 are robotic canister vacuum cleaners of the famous iRobot brand. In general, their design features are quite similar.

In particular, there are some similarities in main programs and settings such as iAdapt Navigation, AeroForce Cleaning System, and HEPA filters. Therefore, they are smart choices for carpets, a good solution to pet hair.

Like many other models, Roomba 980 vs 880 have such exceptionally powerful suction and filtration that they remove easily all dirt, dust, debris from your rugs and other upholstery.

Although there are a wide range of smart programs and settings, they are not too complicated for users to get the hang of them. What they need is to read carefully and follow closely the instruction manual.

And now, let’s take a more thorough look at the following sections to have more comprehensive understanding of comparison between Roomba 980 vs 880.

Comparison between Roomba 980 vs 880

In this post, I will summarize some main characteristics of Roomba 980 vs 880. Afterward, let’s read my personal reviews in the sections below if you want.

iRobot Roomba 980 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

iRobot Roomba 880 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Roomba 980 vs 880 Roomba 980 vs 880
Dimensions 13.9 x 13.9 x 3.6 inches 13.9 x 13.9 x 3.6 inches
Weight  8.7 pounds  8.4 pounds
Noise High  Average
Power  10x stronger Power  5x stronger power
Battery life  Long  Average
Smart cleaning  Yes  Yes
Ease of using  Yes  Yes
HEPA Filters  Yes  Yes
Special features Mobile App  None
Warranty  1 year 1 year


My Roomba 980 vs 880 reviews

In this part, I will show you some main differences between Roomba 980 vs 880.

1. Design

Looking at the outside design, we find it difficult to distinguish Roomba 980 vs 880. However, if you take a more careful look at them, it’s not really a challenge to realize.

Roomba 980.  This is a robotic canister vacuum with the black color. To be honest, i’m greatly impressed with the elegant design.

Moreover, the canister vacuum is an ideal option for cleaning upholstery and bottom of furniture like beds and sofas.

Last but not least, with the weight of 8.7 pounds, this iRobot vacuum is very lightweight and portable.

Roomba 880.  As you see in the given photos, Roomba 880 is the same color but with darker black. In general, it’s also a canister and has the weight of 8.4 pounds.

2. Programs and settings

The second criterion I would like to show is the programs and settings. Because they are the most factor of an electronic appliance, especially a vacuum cleaner.

2.1. Suction and power

The first factor is the suction and power, which are the most necessary capability of a robotic cleaner.

Both Roomba 980 and 880 have such exceptionally powerful suction and filtration that they remove all dust, debris and pet hair from your carpets and floors.

Thanks to AeroForce 3-Stage Cleaning System, they have more than 50% cleaning performance. However, Roomba 980 comes with extra iAdapt camera.

In particular, while the power of Roomba 880 folds five times, the power of Roomba 980 folds ten times.

Therefore, it’s obvious that Roomba 980 is twice as powerful as Roomba 880.

2.2. Navigation and battery

Roomba 980.  This model uses iAdapt 2.0 Responsive Navigation to navigate and clean all floor types in your house.

Moreover, it enables the machine automatically to construct the room’s maps if necessary.

Compared to Roomba 88, this model is more advanced with the Carpet Boost technology. Hence this vacuum is a smart choice for carpet and rugs.

Roomba 880.  It comes with multi-room navigation, so it works effectively multiple rooms. Furthermore, it has an array of sensible sensors to adapt to changing floors.

In terms of the battery, the battery life of Roomba 880 is shorter than that of Roomba 980.

3. Features

Let’s move on the main characteristics of Roomba 980 vs 880 in the table below. They consist of both similarities and differences. I hope you will have more comprehensive grasp of comparison between them.

iRobot Roomba 980 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner iRobot Roomba 880 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

AeroFore 3-stage cleaning system

Carpet Boost

Mobile App

Automatic Recharging

Multi-Room Navigation

Manual Docking

Built-in camera

Cleaning passes control

Carrying handle

Remote control

Wifi support

Seamless entire level cleaning

Soft bumper

HEPA-style filter

4. Cleaning capability

In my opinion, programs and settings play an important role in the cleaning capability of a vacuum cleaner.

Therefore, the differences between Roomba 980 vs 880 create the differences in the cleaning capability between them.

Roomba 980.  Personally, Roomba 980 is one of the smartest robotic floor cleaner in the market. Thanks to the Built-in camera, this vacuum cleaner can navigate itself during cleaning.

As a result, it seldom collides with furniture, wall and never falls out of stairs.

Furthermore, thanks to the exceptional power, Roomba 980 works effectively on carpets, and is a solution to pet hair.

In conclusion, Roomba 980 is a robotically powerful, efficient and effective vacuum.

Roomba 880.   To the best of my knowledge, Roomba 880 is the first generation of random-cleaning-pattern Roomba vacua.

In comparison with Roomba 980, this model is not smart enough to navigate itself.

What’s more, this product line runs at very high speed, so if there are some fragile objects on the tables, they are easy to fall down.

In bottom line, Roomba 880 works as approximately effectively as Roomba 980.

5. Price and recommendation

An excellent vacuum cleaner does not mean the best vacuum for a family. Because it’s the price tag that decides whether it is affordable for customers or not.

Therefore, before buying anything, namely Roomba 980 vs 880, you’d better take the price into careful consideration.

With the price of over $500, Roomba 880 is far more inexpensive than Roomba 980 with the price of about $800.

Frankly, both of them are only affordable for at least high and extremely high-income families.

However, you get what you pay for! Their quality, smart technologies, programs and settings satisfy all of the most fastidious housewives.

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Final thoughts

You have already read some comprehensive information about comparison between Roomba 990 vs 880.

After considering their similarities and differences, if you find one of them the more suitable for your family, buy it immediately.

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Finally, I sincerely thank you for reading and following my series. If you like them, be in favor of me!

See you in the following posts!


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