Rowenta Delta Vacuum review

Rowenta Delta Vacuum review

Previously, I have written about some cordless vacuums from well-known brands such as Dyson, Bissell, Hoover. You may wonder about other brands if they have a product which qualities are the same but have better price. My answer is yes, and Rowenta is one of the brands meet your demand. Herein is my Rowenta Delta Vacuum review– which maybe the one you look for. Please read more best vacuum cleaner for carpet or Roomba 770 vs 880.

A brief summary of Rowenta Delta Vacuum review

If you are afraid of being interrupted while because your vacuum runs out of battery, never worry about this one. Basically, this rechargeable stick vacuum is ideal for small places. You will also save a lot of time for cleaning due to the quick pick-up performance of this Rowenta. Believe me, comparing to Dyson V6, you will find this is your new lover due to longer using time as well as better price for those who are not so fancy. (Try reading Dyson DC44 vs V6 and Dyson DC35 vs V6)

Rowenta Delta Vacuum review

Overall information

Suction power Rowenta Delta Force ExtremeTechnology

The technology is gent to clean  enough everything in the surface without being too noisy.

Input power 25V

The input is more than adequate, comparing to the capacity of the vacuum.

Dust capacity 0.26  gallons

It is not a large dust bag, but its design is enough for a 30-minute vacuuming around your home.

Filtration system efficiency HEPA filter

For a full size corded canister, this filtration is very familiar with many users and any allergies symptoms will not have to worry about.

Weight and Dimensions Weight: 11.9  pounds

– Dimensions: 31 x 12 x 8 inches

The design is light and superb, which allows you to swivel and move very smoothly around your home, reach under furniture and beds.

Warranty One-year limited warranty.

For the price that Rowenta offers, one year is appropriate for the using purpose and the replacement attachments.

Accessories  Two cleaner heads, soft roller cleaner
Special features 25 Volt Rechargeable Battery

With just 25 volt input but this vacuum will surprise you with the total time for vacuuming at least 25 minutes.

Usability With this cordless, lightweight vacuum cleaner, cleaning your place will be done in no time. I…

– Rowenta Delta Force Extreme 25V

Consider all the features above, I can say this is a vacuum saving both your budget and your electricity due to the small input, long-lasting use and high function attachments.


You can check it out now on Amazon to receive the coupon and free shipping policy. Others like eBay, BestBuy may have better deals but for the price, Amazon is still the best.

 Rowenta Delta Vacuum review

What customers are saying?

Review summary

First, I have to say that there are not so many reviews on this product. It may because of the brand is not so famous for many vacuum users. But it does not mean that Rowenta could not bring to us advantageous vacuum cleaners. As I said above, the vacuum has not so many reviews, but for those who bought this product they have not given any review beyond three stars. Consequently, it is a surprising result for any vacuums. In addition, there are only minor complaints for this Rowenta vacuum. In some cases, for pet hair vacuum situation, you may find it hard to control during the cleaning process. Especially, when the vacuum clogs or the rotating brush gets stuck, you have to turn off the vacuum, wait for some seconds and start it all over again. But this case does not happy usually.

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Rowenta Delta Vacuum review

Pros and Cons

The first thing to mention is the battery life is quite long. I can assure you that because I have tried to use it for 3 rooms including the living room and my 2 medium bedrooms and it still remains battery left. One more thing is that the price is quite friendly for most users, along with familiar technology. You will have to love it more because the sound it makes while cleaning is not so loud when comparing to Hoover at the same style vacuum.

As I have mentioned before, the only thing you need to pay attention is for pet hair cleaning. Yes, due to the strong air produced from the motor that blows pet hair around the room while you clean, which makes you quite uncomfortable. But this can be solved if you choose the lower mode, and do it slowly.

 Rowenta Delta Vacuum review

My rating

Herein, I would like to use 10 factors (as I mentioned above) and mark each of them from 1 to 10. Therefore, the maximum score is 100 for each product. In my Rowenta Delta Vacuum review, this is the table score:

Suction power 10 of 10
Input power 8 of 10
Dust capacity 7 of 10
Filtration system efficiency 8 of 10
Weight and Dimensions 8 of 10
Warranty 8 of 10
Accessories 8 of 10
Special features 9 of 10
Usability 9 of 10
Price 10 of 10

Last but not least, I hope that my Rowenta Delta Force Extreme Vacuum Cleaner review help you a lot in finding the right vacuum for you. For those who are still wondering about the product, you can check out more feedback on Amazon to find more about the real experience of other users. And if you are looking for another commercial vacuum, do not hesitate to click to view the Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Corded Upright UH72400.

If you find out this is the vacuum that you are looking for, you can buy it here:

Once again, thank you for enjoying my Rowenta Delta Vacuum review.If you want to see more models of many other groups, please read Best Vacuum Cleaner 2017. See you again in my next review!



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