Shark Rocket HV302 review

Shark Rocket HV302 review

Recently, people are looking for a lightweight design in vacuums with reasonable prices. Many of them come to me with the same question to look for a light vacuum but still have to clean their carpets effectively. Therefore, I decided to have a post about the vacuum providing what they need –  a Shark Rocket HV302 review. I suggest reading some posts on Shark navigator vs RotatorShark vacuum comparison and Shark rocket powerhead reviews.

A brief summary of Shark Rocket HV302 review

If you want a handheld vacuum , but it does not fit your home capacity, take a look at this Shark Rocket HV302 review. From Shark with the new product, I believe that you might find this vacuum is a revolution because it is like a less expensive version of a Dyson handheld vacuum. Lightweight, smart designs are the two main things that you cannot ignore this vacuum. Read more Shark vs Dyson.

Shark Rocket HV302 review

Overall information

Suction power Never Loses Suction Technology.

This never-loses-suction upright vacuum is lightweight and easy to maneuver at only 15 lbs. It includes a large capacity, bottom-empty bagless dust cup and a motorized brushroll for superior carpet cleaning that can be turned off for cleaning bare floors.

Input power 500 watts.

This is a small, low consumption for cleaning.

Dust capacity 0.472 L.

With this capacity, you will never worry that it would tear out anytime.

Filtration system efficiency Good quality washable filter.

Of course, due to the tiny design, Shark cannot attach so much special filter. So who have problem with allergies and asthma should consider this

Weight and Dimensions Weight: 7.6 pounds

– Dimensions: 10.2 x 9.4 x 36.6 inches

As you can see along the vacuum series from Shark, this is one of the most lightweight and small design but still can cover your room to be clean.

Warranty Five-year limited warranty.

So far, it is one of the most brand that provide such a long warranty time for a high suction vacuum.

Accessories Pet Upholstery Tool, Dusting Brush, Crevice Tool, Accessory Bag, Wall Mount, Dust-Away Hard Floor Attachment with 1 Microfiber Pad
Special features Home and Car Detail Kit

Also, Shark offers you speal kit in order to help you clean carpets more effective with just a one-pass clean for a through cleaning.

Usability Premium Pet Hair Cleaning Tools

– Easy Access Extended Reach Wand

Basically, it works best on carpets and bare floor so stairs are not a good choice for this vacuum.


From my perspective, it is a reasonable price that any families can afford to own a very effective Shark cleaner for their apartments.


What customers are saying

Review summary

While writing the Shark Rocket HV302 review, I have done many real tests and read more than 2,200 reviews on this product. Overall, the effectiveness of working on carpets and bare floors is undeniable about this vacuum, as I can see from my results. But some customer also let down because of the suction is not so strong as the commercial says.

Shark Rocket HV302 reviewOf course, there are differences between TV commercials and actual using, but as far as I am concerned, for people who are crave for a light design, with a house and 3 rooms, this vacuum is definitely for you.

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Pros and Cons

With some first-hand experience, we can assure you some of the good stuff from this Shark. First, it works very well on carpets and bare floor thanks to the strong suction which is also the best part of this upright vacuum. Secondly, the sound produced by that is not so uncomfortable, the volume is considerably quiet and the motor also works smoothly. Another thing that surprises is the anti-tip hook feature. It prevents tipping when the hose was pulled from the front or rear of the unit.

Shark Rocket HV302 review

In contrast, some problems also arise from here. First, the anti-tip hook was not helpful when extending the hose to the right or left of the unit. Therefore, this cause trouble to users when carrying the vacuum around their home to clean high walls or dead corners. Also, some customers also complain about the weight of this vacuum with cords because the cord sometimes cause troubles when moving.

Shark Rocket HV302 review

My rating

Herein, I would like to use 10 factors (as I mentioned above) and mark each of them from 1 to 10. Therefore, the maximum score is 100 for each product. Following is the transcripts of the Shark Rocket HV302 review:

Suction power 8 of 10
Input power  8 of 10
Dust capacity 9 of 10
Filtration system efficiency 9 of 10
Weight and Dimensions 9 of 10
Warranty 9 of 10
Accessories 8 of 10
Special features 9 of 10
Usability 7 of 10
Price 8 of 10

Video review

Herein my Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright Vacuum HV302 review has shown you what you need to know about this Shark product. More specifically, this Shark cleaner is absolutely for you and your family if you are not allergy to anything and your house is in medium size. But if you still wonder to find a stronger cleaner, please have a look at the Oreck Commercial Xl2100Rhs.

Shark Rocket HV302 review

If you find out this is the vacuum that you are looking for, you can buy it here:

This is the end of my Shark Rocket HV302 review. Afterwards, click  Best Vacuum Cleaner 2017 to research more models and more groups. Thank you for enjoying it. See you again in my next review!



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