Shark rocket powerhead reviews

Last week, a friend of mine emailed to me for asking for my personal reviews of a vacuum cleaner named Shark Rocket PowerHead (AH452). She has a tendency to purchase it but has no more full grasp of its advantages and disadvantages. From my point of view, my friend, together with many other people, can know more the technical indicators of an electronic appliance but not assess their meanings. Therefore, I write this post to give you some my comprehensive information about Shark rocket powerhead reviews. Hopefully, you will find it useful. Moreover, if you want to study more models in accordance with your usage purposes, read Best Vacuum Cleaner 2017.

Overview of Shark rocket powerhead reviews

Shark Rocket PowerHead (AH452) is manufactured by Shark brand. Having various programs and settings, this Shark vacuum model satisfies demands and requirements of almost all people for a smart electronic appliance for household chores. With the elegant design and light weight, it’s very portable and convenient for users. Although this is a multi-program vacuum, it’s very affordable for everyone to purchase it. From my first overview, this Shark rocket powerhead vacuum cleaner is a smart choice for cleaning carpet, hardwood floors and removing pet hair thanks to the exceptionally powerful suction and filtration. And now, please take a more thorough look at the following part of Shark rocket powerhead reviews to read my full reviews.

Shark rocket powerhead reviews

Product features

This table summarizes the most basic information about Shark rocket powerhead reviews With each criterion, I show you their details with my full reviews. I mark the overall score from 1 to 10 at the same time. The highest point is 10.

Brand -SharkNinja

Shark, which originates from Europe, is one of the most renowned brand names in Home & Kitchen appliances. Therefore, you can trust in the high quality of this model.

Design -Shape: Upright

-Color: Blue

From my view point, Shark Rocket PowerHead (AH452) is modernly and elegantly design. Moreover, with the upright shape, it’s very suitable for tall and back-problem people. What an eye-catching innovation!

Size & weight -Dimensions: 12.2 x 12.3 x 45.1 inches

-Weight: 9 pounds

Compared to many other vacuum cleaners, this vacuum is very lightweight. With the weight of 9 pounds, users find it convenient and portable to move it flexibly and clean everywhere.

Programs & settings
-All-In-The-Head Innovation

-Optimal Air Path Efficiency

-Durable All Surface Brushroll

-Best features in the head

Firstly, all motor, dustbin and brushroll are in the head of the machine. Therefore, it gives convenience and comfort to users during cleaning. Secondly, thanks to the all-in-the-head design, this Shark vacuum is more advanced and smarter than traditional cleaners. Because it decreases the air flow from the floors to the dustbin. Thirdly, you can use it to clean all floor types such as hardwood floors, tile floors and carpets or rugs. How multifunctional vacuum cleaner!

Warranty -5-year warranty

In comparison with all machines, 5-year warranty is very long for an electronic appliance. While most products have warranty policy from 1 month to 2 or 3 years, Shark Rocket PowerHead vacuum cleaner is highly overestimated by customers.

Noise level -Noiseless

Another plus point of this Shark is its noiseless system. Because a majority of vacua make loud noise during cleaning with very annoying sounds, people feel uncomfortable. Instead, it’s very quiet.

My rating points 9.65 /10

To be honest, I highly appreciate the Shark Rocket PowerHead vacuum cleaner. Therefore, I mark it 9.65/10 score owing to its multiple smart programs and settings. This score is very high for a normal vacuum cleaner.


With the price of under $100, this Shark rocket vacuum is reasonable. Therefore, everyone, even low and middle-income families affords to buy it


What are customers saying?

After reading over 300 comments of customers on Amazon, I realize that there are 93% positive attitude, 3% neutral attitude and 4% negative attitude. As far as I’m concerned, almost people are satisfied with the high quality, the powerful suction and filtration, the reasonable price and various smart programs and settings. 

You can read more detailed feedbacks of customers on Amazon here:

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Pros and cons

First of all, it’s a lightweight and portable machine. As above-mentioned in the “Product Feature” section ofShark rocket powerhead reviews, it’s very convenient for users during cleaning. Secondly, it has various advanced programs and settings, so it works effectively on all floor types. Moreover, in spite of having a wide range of functions, it’s very user-friendly. Only by reading carefully and following the instruction can use get the hang of it soon.

Additionally, thanks to the exceptionally powerful suction and filtration, all floor types can be completely cleaned with this vacuum model. However, it does not make loud noise during cleaning, which is a plus point for this product line. What’s more, customers are very happy with the long 5-year warranty policy and good customer service. Last but not least, it costs perfectly.

Video review

I spend particularly this part of Shark rocket powerhead reviews on showing a video review of Shark Rocket PowerHead (AH452)


You have already read some most comprehensive information about the Shark rocket powerhead reviews with some remarkable advantages and disadvantages. In my opinion, this is a smart choice of best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors, or best vacuum for pets. If you like this Shark vacuum cleaner, please click the following Amazon button to buy it quickly and directly:

Finally, I sincerely thank you for reading my post. By the way, please read Shark vacuum comparison to see more Shark models which are highly recommended. If you have any questions, leave comments below. I will try to answer them.

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