Shark ZZ550 vacuum review

Apart from the Lift-Away series, I find out that a number of my customers also have interests in the Sonic Duo family from Shark. That’s why this time I am writing a new post –  the Shark ZZ550 vacuum review. In order to help you define what is your best hybrids vacuum cleaner from Shark. Let’s read more Shark navigator vs Rotator and Shark vacuum comparison.

A brief summary of Shark ZZ550 vacuum review    

First, this vacuum is one of the hybrids vacuum series from Shark. It features the new technology called Sonic Scrubbing Technology which will be demonstrate later in my review table. But most important, it works very smooth and effortless on both carpets and bare floors. Also I am sure that it will never bother your kids or harm your pets while using due to the silence working process for this vacuum.

Shark ZZ550 vacuum review

Overall information

Suction power Sonic Scrubbing Technology

With this technology, this Sonic vacuum will help you remove stuck on very quickly and easily when comparing to traditional vacuums.

Input power 1200 watts.

Similar to most of Shark products, the input is acceptable.

Dust capacity 0.25 gallons.

With this capacity, it is for average rooms and corners, you still not do have to waste too much time on cleaning the dust bag.

Filtration system efficiency  HEPA/Washable Filters

Also, this is a very popular filter system for most Shark, offers you the best filtration process without leaving any dust and debris.

Weight and Dimensions – Weight: 18 pounds

– Dimensions: 12.6 x 9.4 x 29.3 inches

Lightweight and small enough to reach to under bed places, and a 22-feet cord will help you to move easier and more comfortable.

Warranty Two-year limited warranty.

For price under $200, I believe this is a good deal for a hybrids vacuum like this Shark.

Accessories 1 Carpet/Rug Cleaning Pad, 1 Carpet Scrub ‘n Stain Pad, 2 Hard Floor Cleaning Pads, 1 Polishing Pad, 12oz Carpet Cleaner, 10oz Activating Pretreater, 12oz Wood and Hard,
Special features Surface Cleaning Types- Perfect for Carpets, Area Rugs, Hardwood, Tile, Vinyl, and Stone surfaces

Also, Shark offers you two scrub modes that allow you to clean your unique carpets and leave them cleaner and more effectively.

Usability AirGlide Maneuverability, Swivel Steering and Head Lights for easy cleaning

Furthermore, Shark equips with the fast and Easy attachment including the AirGlide in order to help users clean faster and do not have to worry about harming their kids and pets.


Including 2 years for warranty, with new technology, this is a very considerable deal for most users who want to try on this new vacuum.

Shark ZZ550 vacuum review

What customers are saying

Review summary

While writing this Shark ZZ550 vacuum review, I also spent my time in reading about 700 reviews on Amazon about this product. As I have also done my tests on this product, I can say that it works most effective on the carpets and pet hair. Even if the Cheerios, snack and bigger debris they will be cleaned all by this amazing Shark. Somehow, there are some problems may concern you of choosing this Shark. All in all, we know that most customers hold their own opinions about the product, but above all, for a hybrids vacuum, this Shark Duo Sonic is still on the best choice when it comes to that type of vacuums.

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Pros and Cons

About advantages. This Shark has many plus points that features in the product. First, it is about the sonic action and specially formulated cleaning solution work together with the pad to get rid of the dirt—even down into the cracks. Furthermore, the Carpets and Area rugs design will help your carpet smell fresher and cleaner without wasting so much time. Also, the LED lights and swivel are very amazing when you need to clean dark areas.

Besides, you also need to check out those things when choosing this vacuum home. First it is about the dust capacity. Please make sure that your home is suitable in case you have to go back and forth just to clean the bag. That would be a disaster and time-wasting process for cleaning. Secondly,  it is about the pad. In fact, it may not work properly if you do not follow the instruction and will help you nothing in cleaning for floor.

 Shark ZZ550 vacuum review

My rating

Herein, I would like to use 10 factors (as I mentioned above) and mark each of them from 1 to 10. Therefore, the maximum score is 100 for each product. Following is the transcripts of the Shark ZZ550 vacuum review:

Suction power 9 of 10
Input power 8 of 10
Dust capacity 7 of 10
Filtration system efficiency 9 of 10
Weight and Dimensions 9 of 10
Warranty 9 of 10
Accessories 8 of 10
Special features 9 of 10
Usability 9 of 10
Price 9 of 10

In my Shark ZZ550 vacuum review, I have shown my points on this vacuum along with some comparisons with another product. In case you want to look for a vacuum with better price, check this Oreck Commercial Xl2100Rhs.

If you find out this is the vacuum that you are looking for, you can buy it here:

Finally,  I hope my review helps you a lot in choosing your best vacuum. Please take a brief  look at Shark rocket powerhead reviews and Shark vs Dyson.  If you want to research more models and groups, please read Best Vacuum Cleaner 2017. I am looking forward to seeing you in my next review.



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