Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Hi there, It’s been times that we have talked about brands and this time I would love to write about one of the most well-know brand in providing handheld vacuums – Hoover. Let’s find out about Hoover now. About the company The Hoover Company is an American vacuum cleaner company that started out as an American floor care … Read more

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Hi there, Jim is back and I am writing to you the second post in the series of brand writings for vacuum users. This time I would like to discuss a brand that may be very familiar with you – Dyson. And the structure of the post still consists of 4 parts: About the company … Read more

Bissell Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Recently, I have received many emails and messages which asked me about the Bissell company for its products, reputation and how well are the vacuums which they provide. Also, a number of mails also asked for a guide to choose which type and brand from the Bissell vacuums should they use for their houses. Therefore, I … Read more

Cleaning with Your Best Hardwood Floor Vacuum

Do you know how to clean wooden floors? This guide explains exactly what you need to know about cleaning wood floors, including the different methods and the best hardwood floor vacuum to use for different types of wood finishes. Cleaning Wooden Floors that are Finished Most modern hardwood floors are finished, which means they’re coated in a … Read more

Hoover UH30010COM vacuum review

Hoover UH30010COM vacuum review

Last month, Danny – my old friend gave me a call, asking if I knew anything about the new Hoover Platinum vacuum series. Of course I said yes, luckily I was testing some of their new corded products at that time. Then Danny asked me how can he deal with the new air-flow technology that … Read more